Conference on Complex Systems, Amsterdam Sept 19 -22

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CCS2016 = the Conference on Complex Systems 2016 in Amsterdam Sept 19 -22, which was a great success.

Message from the Conference Organizers: 

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” Together we have made  CCS2016 in Amsterdam the largest complex systems conference on the planet!  There were over 1,000 of us from 52 countries!

Now ready for viewing at CCS 2016 post-event website are:  a) Photos   b) Slides  and  c) Videos of speeches on Days 1 & 4 ”

Professor Peter M.A. Sloot  General Scientific Chair, CCS 2016

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1. Background info about this conference


Why is complexity science important?  Have you noticed that often rulings/action/policy of governments result in the opposite effect as was intended?

The reason is: Most policy makers, politicians and other “leaders” still think that Reality is Simple, Linear and Static while in fact we now have to cope with and learn from Complex, Non-Linear and Dynamic – fast changing situations that need short reaction times and fast concensus building through social media.

Complex situations and ecologies are not reduceable into a simple interacting number of separate components, like a clockwork. On the contrary, interconnecting many parts can result in synergic emergent behavior like anthills that exhibit collective intelligence, airconditioning and humidity control.  For more examples of complexity see other pages on this blog. See for instance:  (Laslo Barabasi, Martin Scheffer)  (Carlo Jäger, Heesterbeek, Hommes, Scheffer, et. al.)  (Peter Csermely,


2. The CCS2016 conference was a gathering of top “complexity” scientists from all over the world to discuss this new challenging field about important and urgent issues.

3. You could follow this conference on Twitter at @CCS2016

4. Recommended reading: “Embracing Complexity” – Strategic perspectives for an age of Turbulence – Jean G. Boulton, Peter M. Allen and Cliff Bowman ; Oxford University Press 2015.

Jaap van Till, The Connectivist

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