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Happy to Announce the Kickstarter Campaign for FlipFlic

FlipFlic is a real useful device to regulate incoming sunlight in a smart way. Smart window blinds.  It is a Solar-powered energy saving device. . It is developed in Estonia and I expect it to spead over the globe fast. … Continue reading

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Fixed Link Digital Infrastucture in The Netherlands

  Optical fiber leased lines for corporate networks and the booming SME ventures are available rather well and at reasonable prices, as compared to the situation in other countries around us.  Nevertheless the availability of dark fibers for IRU use … Continue reading

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‘Project Dèmos’ Community Support Platform was Softlaunched

On Saturday March 19th in Amsterdam Steyn Foorthuis and Roman van Ree and their crew have soft-launched the Community Support Platform ‘Project Dèmos’ – an open source software. It is aimed at P2P groups of volunteers co-creating and co-laborating around … Continue reading

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How resilient is a complex system? Is it near collapse?

Albert-​​László Barabási and his colleagues have published a breakthrough paper in Nature about the first-ever tool they developed to identify whether complex systems—be they technological, ecological, or biological—are in danger of failing. Will they collapse under disconnections/ disruptions, partial failures & … Continue reading

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Festivalization: a New Industry In The Making

My guru and friend the visionary Luc Sala has written a new book. This time about Events and Festivals and what drives these very successful gatherings of the young and energetic. Especially in The Netherlands ( in and around Amsterdam) … Continue reading

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The Financial System is Unstable !!!

In 2005 the then newly appointed at Tilburg University professor Hans Blommestein [(OECD) asked me “are very large and complex interconnected financial systems stable or not ?”. The banking world had always ASSUMED that more interconnections between their (several types … Continue reading

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