What Most Schools Don’t Teach

They are right in this little film: learning to program at an early age will get many young people all over the world jobs an carreers:   http://bit.ly/10AXqkB

Code.org plaatje

Software is now in nearly everything around us, and many are needed to define and create it.

Jaap van Till, connectivist

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4 Responses to What Most Schools Don’t Teach

  1. I’m 40 now, and I think we’re missing another important thing, that is to learn mathematics. This is specially important for those -like me- that come from Humanities or Social Sciences fields.

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  3. broodjejaap says:

    Yes Leobardo, I think you are right. The problem however is that for mathematics you need a very good teacher. Then and with some discipline it is a snap. But as soon as things are not explained well (with examples and exercises- it is just like a foreign language) in the head of many young people it turns into a unsurmountable wall. Programming in combination with math can be learned and will be exiting to do since you see how powerful the tools are and how you can test your creativity 🙂

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