Next Thing After ‘Big Data’ is ‘BIG NETWORKS’

Patch panel

Yes, the NSA & GCHQ snooping is done also by putting taps on fiber optic cables BETWEEN Data Centers. So changing the location of your company files from one centre/center say on the cloud in the USA to a location within your country may not solve the surveillance when the dataflow on national and international lines is inspected by who knows: Americans, Russians, Chinese and who knows how many Eyes ??

This is an urgent political, economic and social problem. So a confidential project has started called #BIGNETWORKS to design solutions for this and other network problems.

Jaap van Till, network architect

European Internet backbones 2000

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3 Responses to Next Thing After ‘Big Data’ is ‘BIG NETWORKS’

  1. kwalitisme says:

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    Is #BigNetworks approved by the NSA? 😉 So which backholes are put in?

  2. kwalitisme says:

    How can you (or anyone) be sure?

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