My Lecture for the PiratenWeekend in Delft, Jan 28 2017


schermafbeelding-2017-01-30-om-09-36-44Sheets can be downloaded here :  ===>    Pir weekend Jaap van Till2017   <======

Summary The Pirate Parties are at the Core of the Network Society

by Ir. Jaap van Till, prof emeritus digital infrastructures at TUDelft, HAN Polytechnic, Kaunas University of Technology

We live in interesting times, as the Chinese used to say (as a curse). Society all over the world is going through a number of rapid and slow changes, which can beseen as shifts, tilting (kantelen) or even sudden unforeseen jumps.

Very big driver of these changes, direct and sometimes indirect is the impact of ICT + Internet use + networks of humans and machines.

Society, economy and politics struggle with these changes and try to centrally control andresist them (or even want to go back in time: Retro-Trump, Wilders and other widely supported dictatorships). In this short lecture Jaap will present some basics: patterns that can help to clarify the situation and help to synchronize idea’s in the audience to develop policy and define actions in constructive ways.

1.“The Trias Internetica” that may bring a new balance between the roles of the State,Business and Civil Society supporting en strengtening eachother in the Network Society : Synergetics.

2. The four phases of new General Purpose Technology rollout (Carlota Perez and JanRotmans). It is ICT ! And how we may at last get out of the Crisis.

3. Well established structural concepts that are not working anymore, way past their valid date and grown out of proportion: hierarchies, neo-liberal market-will-do-all, large corporation sustained innovation, management, banksters, bureaucratic control, education, telco’s, cableco’s, publishers, intellectual property laws

4. What does work: the four Network Effects. Value creation by interconnection,Trans-Tribal Collaboration, specialists with reliable performance co-creating, diversity. Commons as local sharing spaces where self-interest and general interests are interconnected in a virtuous circle. Fast shared learning and improvements. Multitribe Membership. Freedom. Human rights. City-states interconnected for instance: Corridoria. Digital infrastructures as Gigabps neutral layered platforms. Ability to explore and experiment. Childsplay and happiness.

Towards Collective Intelligence everywhere in blooming networks of Life and Nature on supportive layered infrastructures of transport, energy and P2P information flows.


Also very relevant for the network society is the upcoming INTERNET OF AGREEMENTS:

What happens when smart contracts, blockchain, robots and AI join? This is a direction we will be investing in build this future


For further info:


My advice:

If you want your children to have a FUTURE, vote for the PiratenPartij !!!

jaap van till, TheConnectivist 

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