What can WE do: 6, the Regenerative Leadership book

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Here is my recommendation to read and practice a sixt bundle of future oriented ideas that combine Nature and groups of people. It is reblogged from the article of Giles Hutchins:


Although I doubt the validity of too much focus on “leaders” and managers, especially since we now exit the no-longer working hierarchies-paradigm, there will be needs for decision makers aka captains on ships. Their objectives are new however: construct and nourish a diversity of people in a tribe, to maintain and improve inner and outer Sustainability. And yes, it depends on P2P cooperation and connectivity between the participants and with the outside world.

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Next-Stage Leadership for A Transforming World: Regenerative Leadership

JULY 10, 2019

Today more than ever we find ourselves in a world out of balance. Our planet is hurting. Our institutions are reaching breaking point. Our stress levels are rising, there are escalating levels of social dissonance, depression, anxiety, obesity and political polarisation across our society.

However, through the cracks of the old systems comes light. The light of a new era. A new way of living, being and working.

A New Paradigm in leadership is being born before our very eyes.  It is simultaneously a challenging yet exciting time to be involved in the future of business.


These times ask – demand – that we create the conditions conducive for ourselves and our organizations to become more conscious, more attuned, more human, as we open ourselves up to and re-connect with the magnificence of this more-than-human world and universe.


‘We are made wise not by the recollections of our past but by the responsibility of our future.’ George Bernard Shaw


This is what the new book by Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm is all about – a new way of leading and operating in business and beyond: Regenerative Leadership

This new book provides an exciting and comprehensive framework for building regenerative life-affirming businesses. It offers a multitude of business cases, fascinating examples from nature’s living systems, insights from the front-line pioneers and tools and techniques for leaders to succeed and thrive in the 21st century.
Regenerative Leadership draws inspiration from pioneering thinking within biomimicry, circular economy, adult developmental psychology, anthropology, biophilia, sociology, complexity theory and next-stage leadership development. It connects the dots between these fields through a powerful framework that enables leadership to become regenerative: in harmony with life, building thriving, prosperous organizations amid transformational times. The book is a combination of theoretical frameworks, case studies, tools & practices: Everything the leader needs to be successful in the 21st century.

Regenerative Leadership – what’s it all about?

While the future is uncertain, we clearly see an upward trend towards sustainable conscious business. And this is more than just a trend – we’re witnessing a new kind of organization emerging.

An organization which is able to rapidly sense and respond to the ever-changing business climate by innovating how and why it creates and delivers value, and the way it engages internally and externally with its ecosystem of employees, customers, suppliers, resources, investors, society and environment.

This new kind of organization is the organization-as-living-system that is designed on the Logic of Life: life-affirming businesses that thrive from the inside out, by cultivating conditions conducive for life, internally and externally. These organizations nurture flourishing cultures while focusing on products and services that enhance society and the environment.


Regenerative Leadership starts with an unavoidable conclusion: the world’s most pressing challenges are interconnected, and only through a systems view could we hope to solve them. Hope is what Giles and Laura offer, exploring the wisdom, rules, and models for thinking, being, and doing that the natural world offers us. Business leaders will enjoy this mind-expanding journey.”  Andrew Winston, Sustainabilty Strategist, author of the Big Pivot and co-author of Green to Gold


‘Hutchins and Storm demonstrate that they are clearly at the forefront of a new leadership paradigm that maps an emerging model for sustainable organization in any institution that wishes to thrive. Regenerative Leadership is built upon developing awareness of self and system that embraces the wisdom of Nature alongside creative human consciousness. It is an ideal model that recognizes the potential of living systems to revive organizations and leadership to be effective drivers for the next step in our human story. Hutchins and Storm know what they are talking about – and we should start listening.’  Kingsley L. Dennis, The Sacred Revival – Magic, Mind & Meaning in a Technological Age



“Leaders of today and tomorrow must be equipped with the right knowledge and skills about regenerative design, culture and lifestyle to build organizations geared for transitions towards sustainable systems that the world needs. They have to be systems-thinkers, ecosystem-facilitators and brave enough to address both inner & outer sustainability. This book is an excellent read for all leaders and change makers” Gunhild Stordalen, Founder & President, EAT Foundation


“Giles and Laura bring their vast experience and deep wisdom of natural design and development to create an evolutionary blueprint for a sustainable future for business, people and the planet.An evolutionary blueprint for a sustainable future for business, people and the planet.” Richard Barrett, President of the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values

You can get the book here: http://www.regenerativeleadership.co

and see a short video about the book here:


These times ask – demand – that we create the conditions conducive for ourselves and our organizations to become more conscious, more attuned, more human, as we open ourselves up to and re-connect with the magnificence of this more-than-human world and universe.

To explore ‘the new paradigm’ further, join the Face Book community here

For Giles’ latest TEDx talk:


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