Important Message of Thomas Drake

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Here are the 34+ 2 tweets that Drake ( @Thomas_Drake1 ) posted, on Saturday 28, 2013, in sequence:


Prop whoppers. Rolling Out the Big Lie. #NSA perjures itself in the court of public opinion on @60Minutes 1/34

Facts trump latest #NSA NatSec prevaricating shuck & jive before public & Undersight ‘Where is the Intelligence’ Committee. 2/34

NSA all in. Silent on ability to separate all US to US metadata & content at the site & time of intercept/collection. Why? 3/34

Wants to hide absence of any probable cause, suspicion or relevance. All relevant, because NSA can, just in case. 4/34

Because 4th Amendment simply in the way of the NatSec Surveillance State & Surveillance is society’s Protectorate safety net. 5/34

Justified by general rubber stamp secret court auto-warrant or pretextual warrantless mentality. 5a/34

NSA gets to argue it’s just one big program while claiming they missed 9/11. Lie. Had data, didn’t share, find or take proper action. 6/34

Search for ‘person of interest’ needles by increasing size of data seizure stack. Straw turns into faux needles. Seize 1st, search all. 7/34

Truth is bulk copy blanket dragnet US to US comms was/remains blatant violations of 4th Amendment. How? 8/34

Thru secret domestic electronic surveillance program(s) & NOT Foreign to Foreign & Foreign to US. Metadata is the index to content. 9/34

For NatSec & NSA, it’s an all or nothing 0 sum game & everybody is treated as ‘foreign’ for justifying kabuki dance relevancy.  10/34

NSA data renditioning persona info. If we buy it, we are duped. Disclosures to date revealing massive scale of spying. More to come. 11/34

Note: Encryption not a panacea absent protected anonymity. Can still associate metadata. Need ephemeral keys. 12/34

NSA programs extend to violating sovereignty of other nations and their citizens’ rights far beyond catching ‘bad guys.’ 13/34

NatSec & NSA want an ever bigger data crowbar and hammer. Why? As Hayden said “We had the power.” 14/34

Evidencing obsessive compulsive need to pry out, break up & collect all the data then hoard to ‘protect’ it all. 15/34

I sent a letter to Alexander in early November 2005 detailing ready to go superior collection/processing capability from before 9/11. 16/34

Use of break thru info analytic tools that did both – providing superior intel & security while also protecting privacy & liberty. 17/34

However he went w/ Son of failed Trailblazer program ‘take it all’ multi-billion $ data indiscriminate haystack making technology. 18/34

Instead of “know what you have” multi-million privacy & citizen rights protecting data sensing technology keeping it all in context. 19/34

Ended up losing my job at NSA. Was laterally arabesqued to empty desk devoid of any responsibility. 20/34

NSA is so disingenuous: we don’t want names, just numbers (as if they were not synonymous). 21/34

That’s same as taking phone white pages & redacting names (subscriber) & addresses (location). 22/34

NSA says NOT reading comms content or listening in on calls of US absent warrant. Really? More disclosures=mirror of mendacity. 23/34

No, just storing them until we want to do so in the future or whenever we feel like it?? Parallel Construction principle. 24/34

If we are not catching on by now, we are fools. It is so obvious. 25/34

Can’t tailor an inherently mass surveillance program. Take it all mentality is surveillance spying writ large. 26/34

NSA holds key to turn key tyranny. Turning key deprives us of liberty replaced by a patho-paternalistic racket making ppl subjects. 27/34

The idea that NSA should simply get a free rein with cybersecurity & given even more surveillance is just over the top. 28/34

The suspicion of the ’90s that stopped NSA involvement in public key encyrption is now multiplied a 1000 fold & with good reason. 29/34

Never was so much spent to collect everything. Systematically data harvesting the planet: rendering it devoid of protection & privacy 30/34

Oog in AL

Willful privacide is a US-state sponsored goal far beyond mandate to find bad guys. 30a/34

While violating so much of our citizen sovereignty & ending up knowing so little to stop hardly anything. 31/34

All part of NSA’s ruthless drive for digital omniscience. 32/34

Have to destroy privacy and anonymity in the name of security? I don’t think so. 33/34

Have to get rid of liberty in order to save it? I don’t think so. 33a/34

Martin Luther King Jr. said “noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good” 34/34

Must defend the inalienable rights of all – our sovereignty, ourselves are not subjects of state. Liberty is what keeps us free. 34a/34


And as a PS Drake wrote: “Did you read rest of my tweet stream? Does bother me. Rights of citizens across the world are violated by mass surveillance.


Yes IMHO it is a bit enigmatic but you will get the picture I guess.

Spring will come soon with everything in Nature bursting out with life and light. Internet is an organic growing life form too!!

Jaap van Till, Connectivist for the Weave


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