Holland Ingenuity 2: ‘eduroam’ for visiting students and researchers on campus.

At the closing plenary of the recent TERENA Networking Conference TNC2012 (for National Research and Education Networks) Klaas Wierenga has been presented with a small gift as a token for his high impact contribution ideas to start a roaming function eduroam for on-campus Wi-Fi access, at the TNC1992,  10 years ago on May 30.

Klaas has worked for over 12 years at SURFnet  (the NREN of NL) focusing on mobility and identity and access management. He is the creator of eduroam and chair of the TERENA Taskforce on Mobility. He now works at Cisco, also in the field of Mobility.

eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming network access service developed for the international research and education community.

This breakthrough, safe (authenticating through internet at your home university or school) roaming connectivity service is now available worldwide on campus at more that 50 countries. In Europe alone at least at 5000 locations of participating institutions for learning and research.  My guess is that several tens of  million users in this smart (high IQ and EQ) worldwide edu and science community use it daily. Works fine for me everywhere I visit at universities :-))

There is an eduroam App for iPhone & iPad which shows your where the nearest institution is with wi-fi access if your studies bring you abroad. Next years TNC2013 will be organized in The Netherlands. Although our singer at the EuroVision Song Festival did not even made it to the semi-finals, our SURFnet smarties excell year after year in the much more important race on improving many aspects of leading edge NREN networking. We consider this important for the bandwidth hungry young scientists and it functions also as an excellent proving ground for new ICT technology.

Jaap van Till, the connectivist

PS UPDATE March 2015.  A separate version called #GovRoam will be rolled out in the Netherlands for all public servants (NL: ambtenaren) so they can use Wi-Fi in as may government (NL: overheids) buildings as possible, making use of the authentication built into this service.


GovRoam will officially start on April 14 2015 in the Municipal building  (NL: gemeenehuis) in The Hague. Wil je als overheidsmedewerker overal in ov gebouwen Wi-Fi in kunnen? Meld aan voor de   openingsbijeenkomst

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