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(NP2) With the #FireChatApp WE ARE THE NETWORK

((updated with article from the Philippines +  news about the Greenstone relay gem – May 2 PS.5 )) ((updated- post scripta on Feb.11 2015)) (( added link to the Tutorial on October 14, 2015)) FOR A SHORT TUTORIAL READ:  http://opengarden.com/how-to/Continue reading

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Van Till’s Principle (VTP) of Maximum Well-Connectedness: Connect with the Best

Summary: “Bien étonnés de se trouver ensemble” [= surprised to find them there together] that is what the French say when people with very different political opinions exhibit the unlikely: some things they agree on. Introduction Today, July 14, marks the … Continue reading

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Collective Behaviour : The Secret of Flocking revealed

See http://bit.ly/18DlqWI My guess is that flocks of people online with social networks may exhibit similar herd-like cohesion. Jaap van Till, connectivist reblogged here: —————————— The Physics arXiv Blog July 31, 2013 Computer Vision Reveals The Remarkable Secret of Flocking The … Continue reading

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