The Future Is ASIAN, now in Dutch language version

1. Dear readers of my theCONNECTIVIST blogpage, in May 2016 I reported about an important book by Parag Khanna describing the worldwide main infrastructures for [transport of goods&people/ transport of energy / transport of information] : 
2. Now Parag has published a new book which describes what is happening in EurAsia: “The Future Is Asian”.  The positive coverage and reviews can be seen at:
At a time when Europe is facing inner frailty and strains in the transatlantic relationship, Asia presents enormous opportunities for boosting trade along the new Silk Roads. See also my blogs here about my prognosis for the upcoming “Corridoria” Trade Route:
3. And he is very pleased to announce the release of the Dutch edition of his new book
 About the Dutch edition published by Het Spectrum : (will be available April 19, 2019)
This is what Parag Khanna wrote to me about this new book and its connection with The Netherlands:
Some of you may recall that I have written in the past about the Dutch imperial model of maritime commercial enclaves and its relevance to understanding China’s global mercantilism today, as well as Holland’s role in inspiring Singapore’s port development.
In this book there is even more emphasis on the emerging Euro-Asian convergence that I look forward to discussing with you during an upcoming trip to the Netherlands and any other moments we may have to discuss the most important geopolitical and economic issues of our age.
I very much hope you enjoy Azië is de toekomst and I look forward to your feedback “
Jaap van Till

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