Just an Idea that may improve life for millions: WakaWaka WARMTH

Waka Waka

A few minutes ago I posted this on Twitter:

IDEA: Can make a “Waka-Waka WARMTH” : with infrared LED’s? For warming people in tents at night.

They have made (1) the Waka Waka Light = solar panel device and lamp for light at night.

and (2) the Waka Waka Power = same as (1), but with connector to power up your smartphone in places where no AC power is available. If you buy one of these, another will be sent to one of the many refugee camps in the world. Makes a real difference especially for children who can read and study at night. And feed the cell phones.

I noticed that LED’s are not only for producing light but are also available for InfraRed radiation = warmth. Refugee tents as well as campers tents can be very cold and damp at night, so maybe a ‘Waka Waka Warmth‘  can let the sun shine warm at night ??

Might save a lot of firewood and decrease CO2 emission in the World.

jaap van till, connectivist

PS: I am looking for an university / laboratory / SME to develop such device or extension in close cooperation with the Waka Waka Foundation    Reactions and donations to vantill  (at) g mail dot c o m 

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