Angry protests of the Middle Classes

angry middele classes

This article by Jack Goldstone below explains the Root Cause of the present chaotic transitions in the world. Recommend you read it in combination with the must-read book “The End of Power’ by Moisés Naím. (@mosesnaim on Twitter)

This problem-issue is what Putin (and Obama) is afraid of and what makes him want to start war by attacking foreign countries, instead of facing his own people.

jaap van  till, connectivist


Bosnia, Thailand, Ukraine, Venezuala: Troubled Transitions of the Angry Middle Class

“He’s run away himself, his guards have run away, his personnel have scattered. A sad end for a president.” – Tweet by Alexei Pushkov, head of the Russian Duma’s foreign relations committee, on former President Viktor Yanukovich of Ukraine.

Victor Yanukovich has joined such infamous fugitives as Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, Zine el Abadine ben Ali of Tunisia, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran, and Anastasio Somoza; all once-powerful rulers who abandoned their capital cities to escape the anger and tumultuous protests of their own people.

Yet the Revolution in Ukraine is just one among recent episodes of violent urban protest that have spread around the world. After confrontations between crowds and governments in late 2013 in Brazil and Turkey, 2014 has opened with eruptions of urban violence in four additional countries – in Bosnia, Thailand, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

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