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Book by Luc Sala about Corona in NL

Luc Sala published a book, May 2021, in the NL language about Corona in our country. The book, including photos, can be downloaded from: http://www.lucsala.nl/coronaboek.pdf 2. A rough English translation can be found here: http://www.lucsala.nl/coronadutch.pdf Both versions are updated nearly … Continue reading

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Alarming > Permanent Kidney Failure from Covid-19

Here is a very alarming paper about kidney failures from Covid infections. This is not yet well known by the public and the politicians. PS. The best attack strategy against Covid outbursts I have seen are in Taiwan, New Zealand … Continue reading

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Digital Democracy in Taiwan, basis 8 for Synthecracy

Updated Jan. 31 2021 Article in Wired Nov. 19 2019, see below Updated Jan. 26 2021: added German language interview, see below https://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/politik/Taiwans-Digitalministerin-Sehen-die-Demokratie-selbst-als-eine-Technologie-id58833006.html ¬† July 15 2020: Added the interesting TED Talk of Audrey Tang¬† https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LscTx6DHh9I ============= Below is my … Continue reading

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