(NP7) The P2P WEAVELET Structure – a network way of collaboration –

Kopblad Weavelet sheets

((Updated with PS on March 24))  

Here are the sheets and video of my lightning talk at the FLOSS4P2P workshop in London 16/17 March 2015

1. SHEETS:  Weavelet LightnTalk Jaap van Till

2. VIDEO: Link to the video recording  http://p2pvalue.eu/blog/floss4p2p-workshop-day-2  First video = Lightning Talks:  from 45:15  to 51.32

An earlier version of this graph was published in:   https://theconnectivist.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/transition-from-the-crisis-4-how-to-structure-weavelets-decentral-interconnected-organizations/

Weavelet sheet

PS There is a remarkable similarity between: my proposed structure for P2P collaboration/intelligent network swarming/flocking  and: the new network/services management tool SignalFX.   

 ” Scale beyond homegrown metrics infrastructure: High resolution & streaming analytics across 1000+ sources. Free Trial   ”

This networkmanagement tool evolved from problems encountered while managing errors/faults reported from the many millions of users and systems of Facebook. Not only the NUMBER of simultaneous error messages was impossible to handle but also without this tool it was impossible to distinguish between causes of faults and: effects/ symptoms rippling/ propagating though Internet.  What SignalFX is described to do (not how which is their secret) is extracting/ discerning PATTERNS from the flood of thousands of messages, which patterns can be used to find the causes and repair them. See: http://blog.signalfx.com/the-technology-vision-behind-signalfx

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-24 om 13.24.58


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