Transition from the Crisis 4: How to structure Weavelets (Decentral interconnected Organizations)

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(With permission, photo by Martin Aceves on Instagram)

Here goes nothing: “structure for collective intelligence” at 


Sheets Weavelet jvTDEF6

Should be read in combination with my earlier blog here about “The Weave”:

These are the sheets for a  short lecture to be presented soon. In later blogs I will show it in detail with comments added to each sheet, and will add comments and constructive ideas from the reactions I get.

Weavelet paradigm

((update March 2015: Weavelet is redrawn as:

Weavelet sheet


It must be a nightmare to Controlaholics, since traffic analysis (who talks to whom) shows no control centre, only each participant interacting with a few others.  So do birds and ants in nature, and yes they are all interconnected!! As a scientist I have a hunch that the elusive #Anonymus people are organized like this.

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And also it might explain why Twitter is getting more valuable (9 Billion dollars and growing viral) every day, despite being non-commercial.

twitter logo

PS. A German high court has served a ruling defining Internet Access as a primary vital human need. Which means that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) failing to deliver uninterrupted access, or do other throttling things to information flows, must pay damages to their clients.

Jaap van Till Connectivist and Netweaver

Lisa Sterling and Jeff Sterling have supported this research project.

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