The post-hierarchical organization


Weavelets will replace hierarchies !!

jaap van till, theconnectivist

Originally posted on kwalitisme:

The way we manage our organizations is largely ineffective for the complex challenges we face, whether driven by the environment, demographics, economics, or politics.

Hierarchies assume that management knows best and that the higher up the hierarchy, the more competent and knowledgeable that person is. But hierarchies are merely centralized networks. They work well when information flows mostly in one direction: down. Hierarchies are good for command and control. They are handy to get things done in small groups. But hierarchies are rather useless to create, innovate, or change. Hierarchies are ineffective when things get complex.


By Harold Jarche. The post #hierarchical organization.

See on Scoop.itThe New way of Work

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Altruism in Virtual Communities, thesis


Here is the link to download the thesis:   Altruism  which ms. drs Frédérique van Till ( in the UK also known as ms. Freddie van Till ) wrote in 2001 to deserve her second academic degree, at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Her further career and profile can be found on LinkedIn at


I recommend it because it is very relevant. For instance because altruism is one of the core values that drive social network use and bind people that relate to each other and do transactions, including commercial ones. And it is the basis for P2P co-operation and collaboration.

The famous Harvard scholar Martin A. Nowak explained in several books more fundamental processes in Evolutionary Dynamics which depend on altruism in groups : Supercooperators – Why Cooperation not Competition is the Key to Life – Mustread !!

jaap van till, connectivist

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Watching the brain in action


Important step. But inside each braincell a world of complexity is found too. We need IMHO architectural concepts like complex parallel pattern transforms and correlation to understand more.
Jaap van Till, Connectivist

Originally posted on Collective Intelligence:

Just imagine being able to surf through the brain and its 86 billion neurons – well now you can. Scientists have developed the first high-definition 3D model of a complete human brain – it is called Big Brain. Researchers from Canada and Germany have constructed the 3D digital model based upon the preserved brain of a 65-year-old woman that had been preserved in wax. It was sliced into ultra-thin sections. The scientists then used modern brain imaging technologies to analyse each individual piece after which the sections were put back together into the highest possible resolution 3D digital model.

Katrin Amunts, the project leader at the Forschungszentrum in Jülich, said: “The Big Brain is a three-dimensional atlas of the human brain with microscopic resolution. We had to make ​​more than 7,500 histological sections of a human brain, which then were reconstructed three-dimensionally. Which means that finally we have…

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The Ebola Alarm: Ebola will infect ALL OF US

from @TheHighEye

Yes it concerns all of mankind. So forget about thinking it only concerns some people in Africa / all of Africa / not our high quality healthcare and treatment. It concerns every man, woman and child on this planet. Why ? Because it is viral with a very short doubling rate (exponential growth curves) and has been for years. And we are not sure there is anything we can do to slow it down or stop it.

Statistician and Med.Dr. Hans Rosling (@hansrosling on Twitter) of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden thinks we still can do something about it if we act quickly. Hear his radio interview on BBC World Service :

And see his explanation why we must act now to stop it: “This shows you why Ebola must be stopped now!” 

Just scaremongering and sensationalism misusing the viral nature of life-threatening news spreading on internet? Is the news viral (meme) instead of the disease? No. Our human society is global. ‘Nation state borders’ or airport tests are semi-permeable and leaky for travelers as well as news. So it concerns us all.

Seth Godin makes this point too in his excellent Blog: “WE have Ebola” see: 

So both Hans Rosling and Seth Godin are right about what they tell us about Ebola, but my point is that they both fail to get across to the general public what is so scary about it. The newspapers and the statisticians think that we know what a “doubling time of a month” means. Besides the idea that I get from the recent WHO data that it may be 10 (ten) days instead of 30 (thirty).

1. Some time ago I introduced the description of ‘Doubling Time’ as W( x) = y [days], since W is pronounced ‘Double You’. For instance dataflows in Internet can be characterized by W times.

2. Hans Rosling stated in the above interview W(new Ebola suspected cases brought in for analysis and treatment/week) = 30 days. That means:

* in October 2014 (now): 500 / week bought into hospitals

* in November 2014: 1000 / week

* in December: 2000 / week

* in January 2015:  4000/week

* in February 2015:  8000/ week

* in March 2015: 16.000 /week

* in April 2015: 32.000 / week

* in June 2015: 64.000/week

* in July 2015: 128.000 / week brought into hospitals (?)

* in August 2015: 256.000 / week

* in September HALF A MILLION patients per week brought into hospitals, including the friendly hospital near YOU, half of them will die. And half of the patients will survive but will stay viral (no sex please) for at least a month. @leashless on Twitter suggests that those survivors are ideal candidates to give healthcare to the patients brought in.


Get the picture? Do you see it explode ? But then most people will ask: ‘when does the explosion start?’. Can we prevent the explosion just before the tipping point (takeoff point of the airplane, bend in the hockey stick curve, bushfire getting out of control) is past?

Rosling says the next few weeks are crucial if we want to prevent a worldwide infection. Sorry folks there IS NO TIPPING POINT. Unless there is done something about the virality = [1/W(ebola) = catchiness of the ebola Virus Disease; also expressed by the R0 factor*), the explosion has been happening from day one. There is no sudden upwards bend in the curve.

4. To see this lack of tipping point for yourself, please do the following. Take your smartphone (or calculator) and type in a 2 and multiply that with 2 = 4 right. Now hit the = button again and again. You will see 8, and then 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 now if that where infected people nobody would be alarmed by these low numbers. Now continue 512, 1024, 2.048, 4.096, 8.192, 16.384, 32.768, 65.536, 131.072, 262.144, 524.288, 1.048.576, 2.097.152, etc. Wow that goes up fast suddenly! In about 20 steps of doubling we are way past a million infected. Nine more doublings and we are way beyond a billion people. Three more and we reach 8 billion which is more than the present world population.

The exponential curve plays tricks with our perception. At first the figures are small and growth is slow. So slow that we technies OVERestimate some new thing that just starts to be available and is sold by showing it to eachother. Like the Apple I Wozniak and Jobs constructed. Everybody who saw it wanted to buy one: it was viral ! But our brain is programmed to expect and extrapolate a growth line, not a curve which keeps bending upwards. As soon as the figures are above that imaginary “line” we suddenly act in disbelief. Marketeers and managers then UNDERestimated the phenomenon. And they are too ate to do act or do anything about it. The rocket is launched!! So whenever you are confronted with something which grows exponential, do not look at the size, which is deceptive, look at the doubling time !!

5. So if the W(Ebola total number of infected people) = 30 days , the whole world population will be infected within  32 months :-(( And let us hope that half of mankind will survive the infection. And that does not even include a scenario where the virus mutates into something airborne.  The World Health Organization has now stated that without drastic measures the number of Ebola patients  will have grown, from the present (September) 1000 to about 10.000 in November. In 4 months, right (see above).

Probably they want to prevent wide scale panic in Africa by not showing the months after that. I did. And I sincerely hope that we will cooperate worldwide with all available recources and knowledge necessary to prevent a massacre. Not just Africa is fucked, we are ALL fucked unless we join forces against Ebola.

Jaap van Till, Connectivist

*) R0 for Ebola = ~2    R0 for Measles = ~18  When calculated from mathematical models, particularly ordinary differential equations, what is often claimed to be R0 is, in fact, simply a threshold, not the average number of secondary infections. There are many methods used to derive such a threshold from a mathematical model, but few of them always give the true value of R0. This is particularly problematic if there are intermediate vectors between hosts, such as malaria. See:

Ps1. Not very reassuring: Sneezing travels much further than thought:

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7 Minute Lecture on CORRIDORIA : Chain of City Area’s (in the Dutch language)


On Thursday October 2, I presented  a “7 minute speech” (similar to the TED format) to the SURFnet user community (SURFnet Relatiedagen 2014) about the Corridoria Development Project of Tildro Research.

The title of the speech is:

“Corridoria: new backbone for EurAsia – chain of city areas with booming science&wealth”

1. The video recording of my speech can be seen on:

2. The slides shown can be downloaded from this pdf:

SNRD14 JvTill 2 7min    (Including English language summary).

3. Nederlandstalige samenvatting:

Op de SURFnet Relatiedagen (1 en 2 oktober) staan en staat netwerken in de breedste zin van het woord centraal. Een van de onderdelen zijn de 7-minute speeches,die elk gaan over een onderwerp gerelateerd aan netwerken. Jaap van Till (Chief Scientist, Tildro Research) licht in deze blog een tipje op van zijn 7-minute speech.


Een kijkje in de “volgende versnelling” van onze “netwerksamenleving”. Kunnen we om werk en welvaart te creëren een transcontinentale backbone construeren voor wetenschap en handel?

Sinds 2008 zitten we in een economische crisis. Gelukkig zijn recent in bepaalde steden en stadsregio’s plotselinge oplevingen in werk- en creative class-uitingen. Door nieuwe combinaties van vakkennis en nieuwe vormen van netwerk-samenwerking, trans-sector en trans-tribaal. Ja, inclusief coöperatie tussen wetenschappers en ondernemers. Open Source Co-Creatie over fysieke- en cultuurgrenzen heen. Richard Florida beschreef het statistisch meetbare verschijnsel van steden waar dingen gaan zoemen (zoals nu in Berlijn) door Tolerantie & geTalenteerde jonge mensen & breedband Technologie en steden waar de slimpies juist al jaren wegtrekken. Positieve voorbeelden waar nieuwe banen gecreëerd worden en de werkeloosheid gedaald is zijn Rotterdam, Eindhoven en in zuid-Duitsland. Beieren heeft als slogan “Laptops und Lederhosen”.

Nieuw is dat die stadsregio’s aan het opbloeien zijn in een OPEN KETEN van onderling goed verbonden en in bijzondere dingen gespecialiseerde steden. Net zoals ooit de keten van Hanzesteden opbloeiden door handel en uitwisseling van kennis en skills. Maar nu van Dublin via midden Engeland, door Nederland, het Ruhrgebied, Beieren, Oostenrijk, helemaal tot in Istanbul. Ik noem deze steden-keten “Corridoria” en ik houd De Lijst bij van steden die er op zitten, opgebloeid zijn of ook spoedig welvarend zullen worden en dus uit de recessie komen.

Ruwweg volgt Corridoria de Rijn en Donau rivier dalen, waar ook historische verklaringen voor zijn. De oude culturen ontstonden ook langs bijvoorbeeld Nijl en Ganges. Transport van goederen en mensen hoeft niet over bergpassen. Heel veel van onze huidige cultuur en wetenschap is ooit ontstaan in Midden Azie in steden op de Zijde Routes, door co-creatie van bijzondere wetenschappers uit Europa en China die van elkaar konden leren. De route van Corridoria valt ook af te lezen uit bewegingen in geotagged Twitterverkeer. Corridoria loopt van de Atlantische kust in Ierland tot de kust van de Pacific in China. Omdat deze route Europa sneller verbindt voor goederentransport dan via containerschepen en het transport goedkoper is dan via vliegtuigen, kan het interessant zijn in de betreffende steden van De Lijst te investeren en er vestigingen van educatie en R&D te openen die talent kunnen aantrekken. Wegeninfra, flitsttreinen en lichtpaden tussen die steden zullen als transcontinentale “backbone” gaan fungeren waardoor een “Open Flocking” community zal kunnen ontstaan van bijzondere en begaafde mensen die kunnen migreren van stad tot stad langs de Corridoria lijn.

Haast u zich daarheen zou ik zeggen, daar gaat het gebeuren! De NREN’s zoals SURFnet en internet serviceproviders zullen dan dus niet langer per ‘nation state’ georganiseerd zijn maar langs Corridora en onderdeel van nog iets groters: wat zulke ketens over de hele aardbol zal hebben. Met universiteiten en handelsposten waar betrouwbare zakenmensen samenwerken en goed verbonden logistieke dienstverleners. De onderliggende optic fiber kabelstructuur zal eruit zien als “Gaia’s Necklace”, zodat ook kleinere steden en dorpen rond de verbonden mega-urbane gebieden erop kunnen aansluiten. Verbindingen kunnen waarde helpen creëren tussen mensen die bijdragen leveren en ruilen met juist hele verschillende en verscheidene achtergrond en vaardigheden, als antidotum tegen gewelddadige gesloten en xenofobe stammen die alleen maar alles willen uitroeien buiten hen. U bent welkom in Corridoria om het te gaan bouwen en weven. Daar gaat het gebeuren. Dat kan gaan groeien.


4. The List of City Area’s on the Corridoria trail is kept up to date at:

5. SURFnet is the National Research and Education Network (NREN) in the Netherlands that provides shared ICT services and network connectivity directly or indirectly to a population of 1.5 million students, educators and scientists.


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Fast Reconnaissance of CyberSpace by Two Young People and Friends

Boek Jongelui Sala

In a very short timespan  (4 weeks) these young people have collected and published their view on our new digital world:   You can also order a printed copy, as mentioned in one of the first pages.

This book is the outcome of a summer school, led by Luc Sala,  at Myster ( in Germany, near the NL border.

And they interviewed a number of futurologues, like me :-))

Jaap van Till, connectivist


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“Alphabets of Life”: great book about our common cultural roots

Kim plaatje1. I recommend you read this amazing book about alphabet characters and languages by genius librarian Kim Veltman :   charting the common roots of our culture. Characters are components of languages which
Dr. Veltman, director of the Virtual McLuhan Institute in Maastricht, collected during years of research the basic alphabets and their cosmologies from the Shamans, China, India, Central Asia, The Middle East, Greece and Europe. Yes we have common roots and similar belief systems.
Steen der wijzen
I am sorry can not post the book PDF here, but you can buy different depth versions of it from the above link.
It also gives a chart of the family tree of languages and how they spread evolved by migration.
alfabet voorbeeld
2. A summary of the book:

Alphabets of Life by Kim H. Veltman

History links a tower in Babylon with the rise of 72 sacred alphabets in 72 countries. There is also a pre-history that includes Russia, China, India, Persia and Middle Asia. Initially, marks and signs symbolizing words and ideas led to secret, cryptic alphabets used for magic and control. Sanskrit introduced several models linking sounds in the mouth (phonology) with principles of creation (tattvas), movements of breath (yoga) and movements of the body (martial arts). This led to matrices for runes and letters, which were then aligned with space (cosmology) and time (chronology). As it spread eastwards, Sanskrit served as a model for Burmese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Philippine alphabets.

Its westward spead entailed three main paths. One was by sea (spice routes). This explains why early Indian alphabets have the same letters as the first Egyptian alphabets and the alphabets of King Solomon. Another was via silk roads and nomadic tribes such as the Scythians, Sarmatians and Alans. Here, the Caucasus and Pontic Steppe around the Black Sea played an important role in the rise of Slavic, Germanic and Runic alphabets. A third was via the settled empires of Persia and Babylon, which favoured a more compact form, linking 22 letters to the cosmos, namely, to 3 worlds, 7 planets, and 12 zodiac signs. This model came to Europe via the Holy Land, and the Mediterranean. The cosmic dimension of alphabets is reflected in number symbolism (gematria, alchemy), geometrical patterns, games, our stories and systems of the skies, in signs and seals, weaving and decoration. Alphabets of Life shows how the marks and letters we use for communciation in everyday life, began with a quest to understand and communicate the miracle of life itself.

Alphabets of Life is available in three versions:

General Reader’s Edition – 567 pp.
Scholars Edition Text (Vol 1)  – 990 pp.
Scholars Edition Appendices (Vol 2) – 943 pp
For more information and to order please see the Alphabets of Life Home Page.
3. Here is a review on the book by Franz Nahrada:
[ Thank you Kim. An amazing and bold approach, which looks to me also like a great sign of life of your visionary strength concerning technology and the media. I love this:

The Internet is in danger of becoming one current version -  representing only one global village (cf. one country,political party, religion). We need a model that allows us to compare historically different countries, parties, religions: a myriad villages, globally connected, reflecting minorities, alternative views and individuals.

In fact, this is part of the blueprint for a new civilisation. And indeed villages will be the centerpiece.]

To which I can add: …and strings of very diverse and unique city-area’s connected, like Corridoria.

Jaap van Till, Connectivist
PS A speeded up 5 minute animation of migration by the Creative Class (intellectuals, designers and artists) in later centuries is shown in   Nice to see the channels of moving ants develop, ie. the American east-west railways.  That community of moving creative class members also will happen along the Corridoria trail !!
Maybe it is a good idea to ask Dr.Veltman to help the Google-assisted team construct an animation about earlier migrations based his findings in the Alphabets of Life book ??
Version August 11, 2014
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