Refreshing statement about Net Neutrality and Broadband, Guifi Nets

got wifi
1. At the recent @Commsday conference @Cisco exec Dr. Bob Pepper said:
         “We are all really just back-hauling  (with optical fiber cables) Wi-Fi anyway!”
A very focussed thought indeed for Telco’s, CableTV network providers as well as broadcasters and Regulators.  Source: Twitter
2. This key combination of [ Wi-Fi and Optical Fiber backbones ] is an important driver trend. See for instance the story about the bottom up which started in Spain.
Guifi Networks
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Open Source Hardware for the Kids and Maker Movement

GCduino foto1

The GCduino microcontroller starter kit, see for a description and video: on my other blog: The Optillt Trofee

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A Project for a New Humanism: an interview with Pierre Lévy


Very important cluster of idea’s.
jaap van till, theconnectivist

Originally posted on Blog of Collective Intelligence 2003-2014:


Pierre Lévy is a philosopher and a pioneer in the study of the impact of the Internet on human knowledge and culture. In Collective Intelligence. Mankind’s Emerging World in Cyberspace, published in French in 1994 (English translation in 1999), he describes a kind of collective intelligence that extends everywhere and is constantly evaluated and coordinated in real time, a collective human intelligence, augmented by new information technologies and the Internet. Since then, he has been working on a major undertaking: the creation of IEML (Information Economy Meta Language), a tool for the augmentation of collective intelligence by means of the algorithmic medium. IEML, which already has its own grammar, is a metalanguage that includes the semantic dimension, making it computable. This in turn allows a reflexive representation of collective intelligence processes.

In the book Semantic Sphere I. Computation, Cognition, and Information Economy, Pierre Lévy describes IEML as…

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The Dark Net


Freedom will dis-intermediate or bypass any obstacle in communications between people
Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

Originally posted on Collective Intelligence: Beyond the familiar online world that most of us inhabit – a world of Google, Hotmail, Facebook and Amazon – lies a vast and often hidden network of sites, communities and cultures where freedom is pushed to its limits, and where people can be anyone, or do anything, they want. A world that is as […]

from KurzweilAI

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L4 Btwiener : Slides of my Social Networking masterclass Workshop at OSDC2014


[updated version: nov.11] Here are the slide, updated from those I presented at City of Gold Coast, Griffith University campus  Lect4 Networkskills workshpJvT4f Friday Nov 7 2014.  You are free to use them yourself, if you refer to this page as the source.

Social netw2I introduced in this workshop for the first time the function of a ” Btwiener “, who is defined as a person who is a master networker as well as an effective ‘weak link’ between tribes.


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L3A My impromptu speech about what went wrong at the NSA

NSA art JvT

[updated version: nov 13] Here are my slides you can download: Lect3A NSA OSDC2014 JvTill4f

Warning: most of this lecture is NOT on the slides, but was said during the presentation. So you can see that on the videorecording at the OSDC2014 in Conference in Australia:

And even then, there are a few essential pieces of information I have prepared. but where not possible to present in 30 minutes.

For instance the CRUX of what went wrong at the NSA has not been presented during the speech due to time limitation of the lecture. But here it is:

[ The NSA generals and GCHQ directors walked with open eyes and full conscience into the trap of Ashby’s Law (the Law of Requisite Variety). That control theory law, derived and defined by scientist Ross Ashby is a brick wall many nation states (Habsburg Empire, USSR, DDR, Chile, USA) have run into, during sometimes hundreds of years of decline : ‘If  you want to control a part of Reality, your Model of that Reality must be at least as complex as the part of reality you want to control’.

The consequence of this Law was for instance that there where more civil servants in the Dept of Agriculture of the USSR than there where farmers they wanted to control. Very often governments and their controlaholic regimes resort to simplifying reality, which result in arresting citizens and sometimes even killing them. Because these persons are too complicated to map in the ‘cleaned’ bureaucratic State Model.

To do the controlling the NSA has to replicate the total world in realtime in  their computer model!! The whistleblowers I read about and spoke to had in fact suggested to only filter the massive incoming flow of surveillance data, to extract certain patterns, and NOT STORE IT or keep files updated about all individual citizens. The generals decided to do that total storage We already see the first symptoms by USA and the five eyes countries of ‘simplification’ by law enforcement and legal system that perform arrests, judgement and jailing based on secret info provided by the NSA. Many other things are already going wrong in conflict with the Constitution and Human Rights. Civilisation is only a thin layer, can be gone in minutes.

The only remedy to this Ashby’s Law complexity syndrome is to decide on top levels to humble with their ‘wish to control’ hubris: not all of the world in real time and to segment the world in autonomous local control systems each with their own independent Models and distributed authority, P2P coupled. ]

So, if you are interested, you can invite me to lecture and give the whole story (about one hour).

Jaap van Tlll, Connectivist and Btwiener.

PS See also my earlier blogs about this subject:

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L3 My keynote at the Open Source Developers Conference Australia 2014

Here are the slides of that lecture:  Lect3 KeynoteOSDC2014 JvTill7f

And here is the video recording of it:

fotoLezing 3

Its objective was to inspire.

Jaap van Till, Connectivist and #Btwiener

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