Nonviolent Campaigns in the Civil Society

Ivan Marovic has writen a guide on how to organize a non-violent movement which can lead to improvements in the Civil Society. This guide has been used successfuly in a number of countries, and improved every time based on what was done, to resist authoritarian/ fascist regimes and dictators.

Its origins can be traced back to the book of former general Gene Sharp “From Dictatorship to Democracy” FDTD, Einstein Institute. See Wikipedia and . Warning: regimes have also read FDTD. For instance activists in Iran have been sentenced by verdicts saying “you used method x from FDTD”. So you better be creative and surprising. Audace, Audace!

  1. To understand what the guide is for and its journey sofar i recommend you read the recent article of Ivan Marovic:

2. Here is the link to the guide that you can use to download the Guide. It is also published as a book and as a Kindle file: The Path of Most Resistance: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Nonviolent Campaigns, 2nd Edition Paperback – 3 maart 2021

For link: Review: includes link for FREE pdf download from @CivilResistance

May your change campaign be very well prepared, democratic and successful. And that it create concensus for the necessasary changes.

  • “Democracy” essentialy means that the Demos (Latin for population) lead society and economy. Total agreement is not needed.
  • Populist governments always fail because its powercontroling leaders select loyal/obedient subleaders over competent ones.
  • And dictators can not cope with complexity so they do dictate from very simplified mental models in their heads, instead of listening to messages from the population who may have learned fast from what they do together. If people no longer listen & understand eachother and can discuss issues openly, only then bullets will start to fly.
  • So the plans for change should include processes for open learning and continuing improvement in the future. Otherwise you construct a “From Dictatorship To new Dictatorship”. Egypt fell into that trap. Until now.

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