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Stukje over de impact van Cloud Networks voor bedrijven

https://www.ndix.net/nieuws-1/het-potentieel-van-het-combineren-van-krachten-via-het-ndix-netwerk ======================Interview ===================== Het potentieel van het combineren van krachten via het NDIX-netwerk 29 april 2021 00:00 Inmiddels zijn er al meer dan 140 Nederlandse en Duitse ICT-dienstaanbieders aangesloten bij het NDIX-netwerk. Deze bedrijven zijn afkomstig uit allerlei verschillende hoeken, … Continue reading

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This Is The International Internet Now

(Updated: March 19, 2021) Below is a re-blog of the very interesting 2021 Internet Map published by TeleGeography on Twitter : https://blog.telegeography.com/2021-global-internet-map-tracks-global-capacity-traffic-and-cloud-infrastructure In fact shown are the traffic flows of many networks which are peered (interconnected competitor networks) at the … Continue reading

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(NP9) Engines for the New Power: The Four Network Effects. Van Till’s Law

  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. “Everything wants to be connected” is the famous ‘Renan’s Law’ of my friend and colleague Sheldon Renan. But, why does everything in the universe want that? What is … Continue reading

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