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WE CALL FOR A #GLOBALDEBOUT DAY OF ACTION ON THE 15 OF MAY, 2016 We call on peoples movements across the world to mobilise for justice and real democracy on the 15 of May, 2016 for a #GLOBALDEBOUT.… Source: INTERNATIONAL … Continue reading

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(Future 9) : New Economic Philosophy: “Network Economies of Abundance” by Melanie Swan

Schematic of Fig. 1 downloadable from: : http://melanieswan.com/documents/NetworkEconomiesofAbundance.pdf ((This article reposted here was published earlier in Sept 14: http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/swan20150914#When:07:07:00Z and in “the Broader Perspective” blog on September 13, 2015:  http://futurememes.blogspot.nl/2015/09/a-new-kind-of-economic-philosophy.html )) A New Kind of Economic Philosophy: Network Economies of Abundance Melanie Swan … Continue reading

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The WeRebuild Manifesto

                          (Bitcoin cookie stand- source: Forbes) (Hats-off to @Asher_Wolf on Twitter for providing the link: ) Svara | Följ  <— This is the 2009 source that I have reblogged. JvT. … Continue reading

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