After the Apocalypse 1 -Can We Prevent Famines?

The Apocalypse is NOW.

Many “unexpected” worldwide and life threatening crises are happening at the same time:

*Climate Change (with wide changes in temperatures and wind), *Famines caused by food shortages, Energy Crisis, Elites failing, trust in science decline, decreasing biodiversity, corruption, The Health services crisis, housing shortages, Internet crashes, Cyber war, Financial crises, *nitrogen and NO3 crisis (from cattle), *CO2 crisis, *disappearing birds and insects, *Water shortages, NeoLiberal-capitalitic mantras (based on extracting value at expense of people and nature) not working anymore, Decline in UK and USA, Collapse of Russia and China, *collapse of the Australian ecosystems. None of these complex and interconnected issues seem to be solved in the short or long time while most people know what is happening.

Especially young people on his planet are getting very concerned for their future and about what to choose as education and work. This may help them. In my next Blog I will outline a line of thought and “actions after the Apocalypse”. Most of the material for that blog I have collected from a number of apocalyptic revelations of “Apostles” known to me and in connection. And surprisingly enough most of them are relatively unknown to the general public. The only reason for that i can imagine is that positive, constructive views and stories are not good material for attention grabbing memes the press and media (and therefore the politicians) love so much.

I picked out one of those revelations from apostle George Monbiot (Twitter: @GeorgeMonbiot) since getting what he says and writes can not wait since for instance the grain shortage due to the invasion of Ukraine and the grain crop failure in India may cost the life of hundreds of thousands of people and will damage millions of children for life. That are Memes, right !!! And Georges book affects at least 6 of the above mentioned crises, marked with an *.

What we can do about those is described in his recently published book:

George Monbiot “REGENESIS” -Feeding The World Without Devouring The Planet- ; published by Allen Lane (26 May 2022)

1. You can get a very good summary of his book when you take about 30 minutes to view this video on Youtube:


Monbiot’s comment on this video is: ” I doubt 1 in 100 people fully grasps the scale of the global food emergency we’re facing, the deep reasons why it has been building since 2015, and what’s needed to fix it. I seek to explain it as concisely as possible, in 30 mins. I beg you to watch it.

2. One of the reader reactions is : Just finished reading Regenesis by George Monbiot – a brilliant book. So well researched. Rips apart our current agicultural system methodically and convincingly. A sobering read for sure but full of hope too. Made me feel, for the first time in a while that all is not lost.

3. I can fully imagine that Farmers and their whole value chains of farmfood importers, the four huge food conglomerates, butchers and meat shops will be not amused by this ‘revelations’. In The Netherlands cattle farmers (Boze Boeren) have demonstrated and blocked highways with their tractors recently protesting the *nitrogen production measures declared by our Agricultural Minister and backed by the EU. I urge them to read this book and prepare for intelligent transitions to introduce more diverse cattle-less food production in parallel with meat asap. Famines are a higher priority than cattle.

4. Interestingly the focus of farming and crop yield is shanging at the same time to what happens SUB-SOIL : Soil Ecology Especially in India and Africa widespread experiments. Subsoil knowledge is avilable very widespread and is very well established at the Wageningen University and Research institutes WUR in he Netherlands.

Five steps for regeneration of subsoil

5. To put this “revelation” into context we can now recognize five Wealth Surges & golden ages in History with techno-economic shifts between them as described by prof. Carlota Perez, University College London:

  1. The Industrial Revolution
  2. Age of steam & railways
  3. Steel & heavy engineering
  4. Age of Oil, Chemo-Mechanics, Automobiles and mass production
  5. The age of ICT, Telecom networks and Internet (now). Network effects, synergy

Next will be:

6. Circular Economy, Biotech, Nanotech, repair, re-use
7. Regeneration of ecologies and 1Planet Nature including humans

So this Regenesis revelation describes and sets into movement the seventh Wealth Surge where many things still have to be discovered. At present prof. Perez is writing a new book describing the above ages with their general purpose technology drivers and the transitions between them which cause uncertainty and crises for many vested interests and stagnant mindsets causing huge conflicts and even wars.

6. And …..young people often want in their life efforts to be part of something bigger than just a future of slavery of a 9 – 5 job. They can when they project their concerns on The Planet and how we can start working to Regenerate Nature and human societies. Gaia is her name. And she will wake up soon.

jaap van till, The Connectivist

PS. ((Added as promised, on August 22, 2022)) Here is another interview with George Monbiot:

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  1. Herman Hensen says:

    Beste Jaap

    Bedankt voor deze input. George Monbiot zojuist beluisterd.


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