The Power of Collaboration

Collaboration / Cooperation is urgently needed and succesful in many fields, and in Nature. My recommendation therefore is to take a good look at what Howard said in 2005 at his prophetic TED Talk. You will no doubt recognize many things he already did see coming.

  • A big advantage of sharing and collaboration is that it has an incentive: it gives SYNERGY to all participants: they get more out of it than they have to put in. In other words “all boats are lifted”. This still sounds counter intuitive to hard headed capitalist / neo-liberal economist enterpreneurs, who concentrate on Value Extraction in any way possible. But at the expense of their slaves/ 9 to 5 workers and often at the expense of Nature, which they still think is abundant enough. Collaboration allows for Value Creation. A lot of people find out that they can contribute to the community because they have an unique ability or skill. Everybody has one !!!!Appreciation is what drives them 🙂
  • To get collaboration to work we also have to implement disincentives: punish cheating and punish shark behaviour (greedy personal moneymaking) under pretences. And there are other rules/ restrictions which have to be applied, for instance those outlined by the late Elinor Ostrom, see:
  • Please take a look at next blog from p2p master Michel Bauwens and to earlier blogs on my blog site which are important and relate to this idea-cluster. In “Network Effects” I show why cooperation/collaboration is more powerful than Broadcasting, see (the four first) and the fifth:
  • First step in negotiations (diplomats take note) is to construct them as “Non-Zero Sum” games.
  • We are now way beyond the “Tragedy of the Commons” thinking. See: In fact many commons do function fantastic! Examples:
    • The Internet !!! See the proper definition of that on this blogsite.
    • The Flower Auction sites in The Netherlands. Proper distinction between what is shared and what NOT.
    • Internet Exchanges (IX’s) all over the world are constructed to be non-combat zones for … competitors. That is where they do Peering and Transit.
    • Clever examples are the AMS-IX in Amsterdam and DE-CIX in Frankfurt.
    • In nature, below our feet, trees of a forrest are interconnected by fungi wires to collaborate in what is called “The Wood Wide Web”. We are just discovering how clever Nature has evolved this, and what we can learn to improve human cooperation !! See: and
  • It is vital for society to grasp and embrace these concepts since the next big waves are The Circular Economy and The Regenerative Economy both by re-connecting and even again be part of Nature , if we are lucky !!!!

Jaap van Till, The Connectivist

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