Connected Microgrids for Clean Energy Exchange IOEN

Interesting initiative from Australia, where in some local areas renewable Solar and Wind turbine energy use is already exceeding fossil fuel energy use. Obstacle: these local sources yield fluctuating energy streams, because sunshine and windforce varies; and also sharing & consumption varies so it must be distributed computer controled and accounted for. and its operating company are building and rolling out systems to do that succesfully. Money is exchanged by way of tokens that are now swappable with bitcoin systems.

To understand where this comes from think about the wonderful combination many people are discovering of solar panels on your house with the Ecar (batteries on wheels) you have. But then you find out it is more clever to share the solar energy and the batteries of your friends in the whole neighborhood. But then you want a low cost way to collect usage data (for this internet of things) and do accounting and billing, so costs and revenues are distributed fairly. That system is what Redgrid and have built.

IOEN is an interconnected system of virtual microgrids that facilitates transactions within & between local energy ecosystems based on @Holochain (transaction system on distributed and interconnected PC’s or server boxes).

IOEN – The Internet Of Energy Network Unlocking Global Minigrids • The Internet of Energy Network is an interconnected system of minigrids that facilitate transactions within and between local energy ecosystems: from the appliance level, to energy generation, storage, and consumption.

This is a message from them last week:

Hey Everyone, just want to jump in and share something pretty exciting. Our Internet of Energy Network (IOEN) token launches have been going very successfully so far. 

This is a massive milestone in our 3 year journey to build the protocol that enables intelligent IoT microgrids. ⚡⚡

If you missed out and you’re keen to get involved, we’ll be listing on the centralised exchange at 12am Friday (AEDT) / 1pm Thursday UTC:


There will be heaps of content coming out over the next 48 hours at:

 – IOEN Telegram –

 – IOEN Twitter –

 – IOEN LinkedIn –

New Roadmap :

Look for yourself if this will fly or not !! My guess is that it will grow like a bushfire, bottom up. Reason: these guys and girls need no permission. Neighborhoods will benefit and the climate of our Nature. Aim is climate neutrality in 2029 ?.

A bit more on the “carrier” of these systems #Holo its HoloChain and its ambitions:

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