The USA is Split, will it result in Civil War?

The USA is Split in two populations

If you think that after Biden won from Trump in the presidential election in the USA, the fight against Trumpism and anti-democratic thinking is over, I have bad news for you It is not.

A recent tweet stated that the fight in the USA Senate and House is between Filibusting (GOP) and Democracy (Democrats). This is clearly a simplification and focussing on symptoms of much deeper processes that have been going on for decades. And which are still at work !!! Example: a USA sherrif blaming Jews for Russian Communism (?????).

To better understand those processes star American journalist George Packer has written a book available since July 2021 “Last Best Hope: America in Crisis and Renewal” and it was summarized by him in the very revealing longread article (a mustread, sorry) “How America Fractured Into Four Parts” [ The Atlantic ] for which I give the link below:

Not two America’s, but FOUR groups of BELIEVERS = FOUR RELIGIONS. Each self- and confirming eachother within their bubble. And most of it is not logical, as mr. Spock would say. Ther is no way you can argue with them to correct faults or trying to change their belief. That is a waste of energy. As i found out from a taxidriver in Boston (and one in London too). The trouble is that these groups have stopped listning and communicating with people from the other three beliefs.

In history this splits where connections (my field) failed to work this results sooner or later in conflicts, violence, bullets firing and even civil war. Even as long ago as general Grant. He forcasted that the US split in mindset between southern agriculture (plantations) and northern industries (factories) would not be over after his military victory.

And the sad thing according to George Packer is that none of the isolated Four Beliefs are offering an effective answer to the Crash/Crisis of 2008, which we still are in.

The USA needs a new Religion / Belief System that works ! In my humble opinion we have to live through a transition between Capitalistic “Value Extraction” (at the expense of the many, and Nature) and “Value Creation” by p2p connection between a diversity of skilled people, with cooperation & synergy. Then: recycling and regeneration of ecologies.

To prevent the mentioned conflicts and even civil wars it is urgent that the new paradigms are well understood in society and that the special type of persons i have called #BTWIENERS (sounds better than “weak links”, right?) will weave links between people accross borders and mental dividing lines !

jaap van till, TheConnectivist


A Youtube discusslon can be seen about “The Four Americas” description of George Packer in his book and the article mentioned above:


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