Why has #Belarus Diktator Lukashenko a Problem?

The main reason, which he will not admit to Putin (who is considering Belarus a part of Russia) is that the bright young people in Minsk and other cities succesfully started to do things in mathematics and ICT that he can not grasp or plan. Luka has no clue about High Tech startups, and fears the lack of obedience by the whizz kids to his regime.

For instance this team of Game Developers of the company “Wargaming”, photo shows them in Minsk in 2017. They have now left to #Lithuania, where they wellcome high techies.

Even more frightening to him and his regime are young hero’s who refuse to recognise the power structure that Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus has built. This is minus zero obedience .

A very powerful example of such heroic person is Palina

This dialogue took my breath away. And I had to read it again and again. Palina has been sentenced by that court to 2 years inprisonment.

I hope that Amnesty International can contact and assist her, since she clearly is a case of conscience.

Whatever the Diktator, his judges, police , jails , torturers and military do, they can not stop THOUGHTS and Visions, full of hope and anticipation for a wonderful future as part of Nature and all its people on this planet.

jaap van till, TheConnectivist

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