Digital Democracy in the USA, in the UK?

  1. The Choice. Taken from Twitter is the following text below about Max Weber who was tricked (the students stated that they would invite a very hot air politician if Weber would not accept their invitation) by students to give in Januari 1919 the following lecture: Click to access weber_max_1864_1920_politics_as_a_vocation.pdf

In other words, if we skip the first, the traditional hereditary monarchy (1) form of state governance, Max Weber confronted the audience during the troubled Weimar Republic in Germany with the choice between (2) FASCISM and (3) DEMOCRACY

2. In the present 2021 #cosmologicalReset it is very interesting that Americans, and maybe all passengers on this very well interconnected spaceship Earth are faced with the same CHOICE again now, although with slightly different lables:


A. National centered #Authoritarianism / #Fascism with a very tightly organized vertical command & control Hierarchy. Often found in Dictatorships or aspiring dictatorships with “populism”, conservative (change resisting) and fearful populations which seem to be enslaved (extracting value) or held in produce & consum captivity. If the leadership has to appoint lower level managers they let “loyalty, to the leader(s)” prevail over competence for the job. This is a ticking timebomb in their organisation, and leads to inevitable and ugly powerfights. And books published afterwards. Other attributes are: * belief in the fairytales of #Neolib market economics and privatisation; the “invisible hand” which are cleary not working in healthcare, education, infrastructures, climate policy, politics and law. When the NeoLib proponents suggest to leave things to The Market, they lie and plan to establish a martket monopoly that slows down change, innovation and improvements. * very slow reaction time and filtering/simplification of reporting messages, going up and down the levels of the hierarchy. * inability to percieve, cope and handle complexity. * no crownprince. Exploitation and extraction of value by a few at the expense of the many and natual resources = in its roots a colonial (US southern) system embraced by the White Supremacists there. Drivers: sensation media, media figures, measured in viewer numbers (number of eyeballs).


B. #RepresentativeDemocracy. This does not function very well, because businesses (corruption) and “voting by majority” is confused with “Leadership by the People” (Demos) what it should be. This system of organising has about all attributes 180 degrees opposite as A. It is not National/ isolated, it focusses on Creation of Value (by SYNERGY) by connecting and COMBINING very skilled people with different views, backgrounds, cultures, ages, etc. * open discussions and sharing views accross boundaries and borders. * organisation forms derived from “Commons’ which is the counterpart of State and Business interests (see my blogs about “The Trias Internetica”. This type of activity is working distributed, in parallel and very fast so all participants gain value and learn togethet to improve things for themselves and for others. The networking effect used is much stronger than propaganda & mindmanipulation developed in commerce and consumer advertising , and is based on the Fourth Law of network effects (van Till’s Law) which is based on cooperation, see I have called such form of society a #Synthecracy

3. The recent storming of the Capitol (enabled by the police not getting the orders to stop the crowd. Reason: in the DC small Federal enclave the police is for good normal reasons under direct command of the POTUS = was Trump, so he did not gave the order) gave the USA a narrow escape from being forced into governing system A. The escape was made by quickly bringing the Senators and Representatives through tunnels out of reach of the rioting (but well organized) violent crowd.

4. So the USA population did formally choose to be a Democracy again, although nearly half of the population was and is with religious zeal still believing what Trump promised them an Authoritarian ruled country full of lies that the common people would get a better life. This is what the former non-voting people was told, and which makes them mad when the rich got richer instead.

This is an unstable situation which can in my humble opinion only be repaired by repairing the damaged democratic system its self. And it can be done !! With the help of networks and internet functions the public can be INVOLVED in the idea forming and decisison process. This should bring the establishement into contact and into cooperation with the public and their reality in cities and rural :-).

But is not something you can change with the flip of a switch or by decree of the new POTUS.

DO a. Take a closer look at how Digital Democracy is implemented in a number of countries like Taiwan (see ) and city-areas like Barcelona.

DO b. Read the recent book by Joss Sheldon “DEMOCRACY – A USER’S GUIDE, UK 2020 , see The point is that Democracy is ancient as a concept but very differently implemented in various countries.

He has not yet been able to include the Digital Democracy activities in #Belorus #HongKong #Taiwan and several capital cities in South America. There are encouraging new experiments with it which you should study, before just jumping into the sea withou having taken t seriously enough. Your life, happiness and that of your tribe members depends on it !!!

jaap van till , TheConnectivist

=============================reference for the book “Democracy” ========

For example on Amazon there is an Kindle version, a large print edition, Hardcover and a pocketbook edition of this book.

Editor’s Note:


5.0 out of 5 stars Must-read for all Americans Reviewed in the United States on August 24, 2020 There are a few, masterful books, that I wish had been part of my curriculum in school while I was learning about what made our Nation what it was. Now there are two at the top of my list. The first is Howard Zinn’s History of America, and now it has been joined by Joss Sheldon’s Democracy: A User’s Guide. It’s rare to see a subject so well-investigated yet so accessible. Author Sheldon, while known as a superbly conversational fiction writer, provides us an amazing combination of a completely engaging voice and superb cred as a curator of examples to support the full range of his arguments. Democracy is not a form of government for the lazy or uninformed. We face dangers all along the road, to it being co-opted into some new form of fascism, oligarchy, kleptocracy, etc. Tyranny must be guarded against. This book teaches, using examples of how this can work in several specific areas of peoples’ lives, politically, economically and in the forms of education and services communities may need government help securing for their own needs. Each is fully revealed, which of course, poses new questions and suggests many new answers. I’m grateful for the opportunity to read this book and recommend it very highly to anyone with a serious interest in making our government work properly.

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