Blogger Coordinates Protests in Belarus

Lady Liberty : Maria Kolesnikova at Luka’s fence

1. Anne Applebaum wrote a very important article The Atlantic, where she is a staff writer.

A young blogger coordinates non-violent actions in #Belorus with Telegram channels. Unstoppable, and in dialogue since he is fed with news and videos from the streets all over White Russia, which is having a re-birthfrom the repression of Lukashenka.

2 It took me a while to grasp what is at the core of this Belarus REVOLUTION, and similar ones in Hong Kong, Ukraine, Baltic Nations, Libanon, Taiwan and Siberia.And soon USA, Russian Federation and China too.

The crux is a transition (paradigm shift) from:

Autoritarian Hierarchies ====> P2P Swarms with concensus, highly interconnected people. Behaving like water, no single leader or center.

The puzzling thing is that the media and former dictator and his court + secret service enforcers can not find a leader or successor for young turks to detain , kill or poison. BECAUSE THERE IS NONE.

3. The ghosts will not be be back in the bottle now they are out. Which means that a military intervention of Russia in Belorus to re-establish a hierarchy of repression and fear with “tourists” (Russian special forces) will not work. It would only kill and destroy Belorus, like it did in East Ukraine and Crimea.

Even if he has the support of Lukashenka and the visiting tea party of Russian cabinet ministers in Minsk, Putin should not try to piss against the wind.

Helping one silly old man against the will of 8 million civilians ?

A sad spectacle.

4. #DigitalDemocracy is unstoppable.

jaap van till, TheConnectivist

Ps. Maria Kolesnikova is the only one of the power lady trio that is still in Belarus. She is fearless.

Ps2: Der Spiegel has a similar story (but partly behind paywall)

Ps3: ICT workers quit Belarus, stating “do not want to live in a North Korea inside Europe”.

NEXTA = Belarus’s largest “Telegram Channel”

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