Book about the present National Socialist Stampedes

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  1. This is a historical document. It describes a catastrophy happening right now under our very noses.  How dictatorial power was grabbed in Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Brazil and now Italy. And I am not so sure if the USA and the UK can still be described either as Democracies any more. 😦  Our time is reminiscent of the post crash and pre-WWII 1930’s.

Ann Applebaum has written the book “Twilight of Democracy” about how the authoritarian/fascist movements in a number of nationalistic countries where constructed and gained power. Think of Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Turkey; but also UK and USA. Pretending to be democracies the Press, Legal structures and Parliaments where systematicaly destroyed and brought under central dictatorial control. How? By manipulating elections using large scale personalised social media targeting (mindfucking by internet, see recent books I blogged about). They keep the population under control with massive network surveillance systems, supported by scrupuless ICT systems operators like Palentir and Facebook. And by building a power structure of eager men and women that are not directly competent but  very loyal to the Leader.  And a number of politicials aspire to rise to power also: mrs. Le Pen, Wilders and Baudet in NL.

This preference for loyalty over competence is also their weakness. During elections the civilians start to notice that it is visible that lower ranked members of these nazi like parties have rather dubious backgrounds and show incompetence in their high level hierarchy jobs.

This book “Twilight of Democracy – The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism- ” (Doubleday) is now avialable in bookshops and through Amazon, Bolcom etc.

The same book, but published by the Penguin Group, is also avialable; but with another cover:

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Fortunately, Ann adds in the last chapters some hopeful hints how to help RENEW DEMOCRACY.

2. I did post the following public messages on Twitter, August 5 2020:

Your new book @anneapplebaum brings historic but depressing view of attacks on democracies. I have identified one of the mechanisms which are at work, so we can counter these. i call it #thePeckingOrderSyndrome. Happened several times in my life. Group of people stuck together 1/3
2/3 in schoolcamp/ army/ student group. Each person has FEAR to be outcast. Suddenly one is randomly picked to be victim, and teased, mistreated by all.    ((victim)) Is defenseless. Reason:((The teasers own fear is deflected to somebody else. Happens during progroms too. And by KKK. In essence it is

3/3 an excess of COWARDICE. Projecting blame on persons or groups that ‘differ’ / can be taged as ‘them’. Teachers or leaders should act fast and right to stop such stampedes. Clarify what they are doing, and punish the bullies (the real weaklings).


jaap van till, TheConnectivist


Product description


“Anne Applebaum is a leading historian of communism and a penetrating investigator of contemporary politics. Here she sets her sights on the big question, one with which she herself has been deeply engaged in both Europe and America: How did our democracy go wrong? This extraordinary document, written with urgency, intelligence, and understanding, is her answer.”
–Timothy Snyder, author of On Tyranny“Friendships torn. Ideals betrayed. Alliances broken. In this, her most personal book, a great historian explains why so many of those who won the battles for democracy or have spent their lives proclaiming its values are now succumbing to liars, thugs, and crooks. Analysis, reportage, and memoir, Twilight of Democracy fearlessly tells the shameful story of a political generation gone bad.”
–David Frum, author of Trumpocracy and Trumpocalypse

About the Author

ANNE APPLEBAUM was one of the first journalists to raise the alarm about Russian interference in U.S. elections and antidemocratic trends in Europe. Her 2018 Atlantic article, “A Warning from Europe,” inspired this book and was a finalist for a National Magazine Award. After seventeen years as a columnist at The Washington Post, she became a staff writer at The Atlantic in January 2020. She is the author of three critically acclaimed and award-winning histories of the Soviet Union: Red Famine, Iron Curtain, and Gulag, winner of the Pulitzer Prize.


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