Dr. Kim Veltman, RIP and Autobio

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Kim Veltman, he was a Human Soliton


Updated March 30 2021: We are approaching April 1,  a year after we lost him to Covid-19. Barry Selwyn (see his webpage www.sophianic.com ) sent us, the friends of Kim, the above tribute, which can be viewed more sharp on the link as shown above.

Updated June 9: 3 photos sent to me by Graciete Amaro and attached at the end of this blog.

Added May 21, 2020 A pdf scanned from the original first draft autobio, dictated to Graciete Amaro, and typed by her in 1974 – ’75. She send it to me and I had it scanned (91 pages). The first two pages are a bit less readable since they had faded. https://theconnectivist. This document is about Kim Velman’s early youth and has some overlap with the two part final autobiography, see below. It is however very funny, a real pageturner and tells us much about his candid journey through life 🙂

KIm Veltmans autobio young

Added May 8, 2020 Kim Veltman’s fantastic Autobiography. In two parts (pdf) and link to Google Drive file.

Autobiography General Public a pdf

Autobiography General Public b pdf


=========Message from Bergamo, IT, very heavy hit by Corona======

Dear all,


I hope you are very well and I am sorry to disturb you, but we are getting closer to the religious celebration, next May, 1st 2020 – 11:30 – 12:30 (CEST – Central European Summer Time) as I mentioned in the last message, which will take place at Church of Saints Bartolomeo and Stefano in Bergamo, Italy.


In the celebration there is a choral song by the monks of the convent. The text and accompanying music was inaugurated in the Donizetti theater, since both buildings were erected in the same historical period.


Perhaps, you can light a candle or join spiritually and mentally, in some prayer, for the eternal rest of our dear Professor Dr Kim H. Veltman.

Thanks for your attention.  Kind regards,  Francisco V. C.  Ficarra

Requiem Gabriel Fauré


On April 1 2020 my dear friend Kim Veltman, Maestro Librarian passed away from the Corona Virus in Maastricht, NL.

May he rest in peace in Heaven’s virtual Library !!

  1. Who he was and what he did in his life is logged very well on WikiPedia : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_H._Veltman
  2. I have described several of his works on my blog ( theconnectivist.wordpress.com ), most important one is about his book about the origins in #EurAsia of each character/glyph of our alfabet. https://theconnectivist.wordpress.com/2014/08/11/alphabets-of-life-great-book-about-our-roots/

and https://theconnectivist.wordpress.com/2017/08/02/a-lecture-of-dr-kim-veltman/

He was a very active and very interested knowledge-scientist with a huge, broad and deep knowledge. Kim was not rich, not world famous but he had something much more valuable: a wide variety of friends he visited and with whom he shared his wisdom, imagination and amazing perspectives. Here are two of the comments written when his friends notified each other that Kim had died:


“Shortly before I met Kim there was a documentary by the VPRO-channel on Dutch television about the Marshall McLuhan Institute in Toronto. Kim, who, at the time, worked at the institute, presented in this documentary his SUMS system in which he tried to make universal knowledge accessible in a new way. A student of mine in information science was caught by Kim’s ideas and asked Kim if he could do an internship with him for some time. And that happened.

That is how I came into contact with Kim’s work. After all, that led to Kim coming to the Netherlands in 1997 to work there for the Maastricht Marshall McLuhan Institute.

Kim had already earned his scientific spurs in the 1980s through his work on Leonardo da Vinci’s perspective theory. [[ Kim was one of the only people who got access to all the writings and drawings of Leonardo in the Vatican]] In the nineties he became increasingly fascinated by the accessibility of knowledge and the role of new media in it. Kim, following Leonardo, was a striking example of the homo universalis for me. All his life he has been fascinated by finding connections between scientific fields and finding ways to access global knowledge in an all-encompassing way.

That was not an easy task because Kim was a man with a mission and a strong belief in the realization of that mission. The vistas he developed were too distant for the average university administrator and not infrequently brought him into conflict with them. It was the classic conflict between idealism and feasibility. For Kim, the long-term perspective of idealism was more important than the perspective of the feasibility in the short term.

In recent years, he has further developed his ideas in his internationally very broadly branched network, which he always maintained carefully. A network of people who had confidence in his long-term perspectives. He inspired many. “


“That was the first time I saw SUMS. The first time he turned on that world map, and zoomed into Greece, then Athens, the Acropolis and the marble sculptures will forever be seared into my memory.  We began to talk and became fast friends. You must remember this was in the days when Windows and the Internet had just come out, and the Mosaic web browser was still new. He showed me his demo and I invited a few friends to see it. Some of them got it,  the others just didn’t care. This would be a consistent pattern with his SUMS demos…some people get it and some just don’t. Time and studies prevented me from working on it with him, it never stayed far from my mind.  There was nobody else who would talk in any depth about the future, the past and the present state of human knowledge…from technology to mysticism, across cultures and domains. He would sometimes tell me there were very few people besides me he could talk about some of these things with (like mysticism, metaphysics, certain aspects of history etc.)…but in my youthful ignorance I assumed I’d always find more people like him in this world, but sadly there were very few. Truth be told there were none I could find”


Kim Veltman was a Human #Soliton !

jaap van till, theConnectivist

PS 1 Certificates from Institute in India

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 17.32.51
Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 17.31.23

Photos from Kim on his travels and visits to friends :

Wolfenbuttel Kim (2)
Wolfenbuttel Kim (3)
Kim and Graciete
Kim and Graciete in Wolfenbutel?

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14 Responses to Dr. Kim Veltman, RIP and Autobio

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  2. Graciete Amaro says:

    Dr. Kim H. Veltman was a true friend for the last 47 years. I met him in London at a private party given by the Victoria League for Commonwealth Friendship. He was 24 and doing a PhD in London. The moment he learned that I was Portuguese he developed even a bigger interest in me, inviting me almost on the spot to become his teacher. I remember vividly his smile as he took his diary out of his pocket saying: “Can we meet next Wednesday for dinner, at London House, to discuss that?”. I did not quite know what to say as I had very little time available and I was not a specialist in the Portuguese language. It made me realise that the word ‘impossible’ did not exist. For the next six months, we regularly met on a Sunday. I gave him a crash course in the language he was so eager to learn. As Kim was such a specialist in Latin, Greek, Italian, French and so many other languages, it took him little time to become an expert in one more. He was studying a scholar in Portugal: Professor Armando Zuzarte Cortesao (1891-1977), the author of The Portugaliea Monumenta Cartographica, and he wanted to meet him because of suspected links between cartographers, painters and perpective. Soon I was helping him to produce a first draft of an autobiography, more moored in juvenile memories. Kim was determined to record important moments before he forgot them, as it happened to some of his older friends. And so our friendship continued, for the last 47 years, always keeping in touch either by telephone or in writing. Kim remains a great inspiration, showing me the true value of life and the pure love between people regardless of their ethnical background.

  3. Graciete Amaro says:

    Good evening, Jaap. Still reading this blog time and time again. We just want to read more comments from the numerous friends Kim had, a real family. We are part of this great family.
    Your blogpage is very, very interesting, dear Jaap. Everything is so clear, so easy to read.
    Kim is very happy, I am sure. He is watching us from above.

  4. Graciete Amaro says:

    Hello Jaap. I found a few photos taken in Wolfenbuttel in May 1983, with a young Kim. We were guests of honour and stayed in his apartment. Kim’s hospitality was as you can imagine. Will send photos by email.

  5. Graciete Amaro says:

    Thank you, Jaap. The photos are not super quality. It’s up to you. Choose the best.
    The good news is that I can now read very clearly the 91 pages I sent you. They were so tiny the first time I pressed the button, I don’t know why. What an exciting story Kim is telling us about his youth. It gives us inspiration to write something about our own lives before we forget things in detail.

  6. Graciete Amaro says:

    Thank you for placing our photos here, Jaap. They are better than I expected.

  7. Barry says:

    Hi Japp, I’ve been looking through some of the links and detailed commentary you so kindly provided here and though I’d send you this note of thanks.

    I certainly didn’t know Kim as well (or have as much contact with him) as so many other people, especially Graciete Amaro of course, but even so have known him since I was a teenager in London in the 1970s and keep in touch with him ever since.

    I certainly miss Kim very much!

    The strange thing is I now realise (with hindsight, which is like 20-20 vision now in 2020) that I took him quite for granted and never imagined a world without him…. he and I were talking at length together over the phone in February this year (2020), then sent each other one or two emails during March. I sent him another email at the start of April, wishing him a Happy Easter and including a funny cartoon and a couple of links to silly things I knew he’d love (I like silliness – hence one of my domain names and favourite email addresses). I was surprised not to hear back from him for a few days but knew how busy he was so didn’t worry….

    …then out of the blue (as we English put it) I receive the group email from Myra Koomen saying he was dead!!!!!!!!! Well, at first I didn’t believe a word of it and thought this was some typical Internet hoax, so I immediately called to his home phone, then office phone…. they each just rang and rang…. gradually the awful truth started to dawn on me; that we really had lost him and this was absolutely no hoax after all.

    Also, of course, knowing his subtle and quirky humour quite well, I wish I could have shared the joke with him that being dead was a really good excuse for not replying to my email! He’d already been dead for 4 days when I sent it…. but then I felt even worse for realising that I couldn’t share this silly comment with him, then make a few linguistic puns about it as we typically did together because actually he was DEAD, and of course if he weren’t then this whole line of thought would never have come up in the first place!

    Now he’s gone there won’t be any more of those daft amicable verbal “sparring” games, or exploring increasingly implausible and fantasical lines of thought together (“reductio ad absurdum” as he would have pointed out – and I should explain that Latin was never one of my strong points so I always happily deferred to him there)…. and in some ways that’s the hardest thing to grasp when someone we cherish dies; they’re really gone and that’s that.

    I’m not sure where or not you’ve already seen it, as it’s been copied to a lot of people now anyhow, but I made an admitedly rather unconventional Memorial Portrait of him, as well as a few personal comments by way of explanation.

    You can find it on http://www.Sophianic.com/ I designed it to tell some of the stories of his life, as well as express a few philosophical incongruities and little jokes that I think (hope) quite appropriate.

    If he’d been alive to see it I have the feeling he and I would have had plenty to discuss about it, and over all I think he would have been tremendously flattered and pleased about it, but also a little embarrassed too as he was always such a modest and slightly reticent man. Again though, that same silly thought has arisen; of course IF he were still alive THEN I wouldn’t have been inspired, indeed driven, to create this Memorial Portrait of him!

    Ah well, and how time never stands still but instead devours all people and things – “Tempus edax rerum” as Dr Veltman, the inimitable scholar, would probably have corrected me!

    Kindest Wishes to you,

  8. konstapel says:

    A few days ago I got an email from Kim Veltman. It was produced by a smart system that tried to connect us. I did not know Kim had died. I was forgotten him although I remembered him as soon as I saw the email. We were discussing about the Lo-Shu Magic Quadrant. I am interested in the past since my birth and I have always tried to find the history of what I was learning. My interest is mathematics and I have always tried to dig deep in its history. As soon as I dicoverd Kim Veltman we started to email and to my surprise I saw some products I made in the video’s that were made. I am sad he died but the email that was send was not a coincedence. I was born with a gift that triggered almost everything I tried to find out. Thsi gift was called “paranormal” but to me and to many of my fellow-shamans we are able to see what the shamans in the darkness of human history also could see. We could see the rotating worlds that are part of the heavens. Kim is already there and used the connectors to send me an email to get my attention. That worked. My hope is that there are still people who have taken over the work of Kim.

    • broodjejaap says:

      Did you read his autobiography on this blogpage? I would not dare to pretend that i have taken over his work, but some of his many friends and i try to keep his memory alive. There was a plan to meet in Bergamo, Italy. But it was canceled because of the lockdown. Are you mobile enough to come if we invite you, somewhere in 2021 ?

  9. beverleypdt says:

    Kim was my first romantic interest. He was in Grade 13 and I was in Grade 9. We went to all the school dances, as well as a few concerts and plays. We were always chaperoned by his lovely parents on the way and back, which he didn’t like at all. I idolized him for his mind, which was so far above my own. Perhaps a first love is always the most special, but no one since has quite measured up. I googled him occasionally over the years, but would never have intruded on his life. Now I wish I had. Let’s meet again in a better place, Lovely Man.

    Beverley Dowling

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