The Remarkable Online Curator Gordon Cook Passed Away

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Gordon Cook died on March 18 2020 as a result of the injuries and complications of an unfortunate fall.

A description of what Gordon did can be seen on

May he Rest in Peace after a eventful life of publishing the about significant telecom and internet developments & regulations with impact on the ICT Infrastructures, which are now vital for connecting society on the globe.

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The Cook Report was often either a number of indepht interviews or an extract from several months of significant contributions by various members of a closed discussion group called the ArchEcon list on Internet Protocol. The membes of this discussion list are a “who is who” of who started, built and ran the Internet. These people knew/know what they where talking about from front line indepht experience and what was contributed in this email list was often very meaningful and looked at from many different angles. I am thankful to Gordon to have organized this transnational community and that i could participate. There is a discussion going on if Gordon’s community will renew and continue, which would make sense if the best men and women in this field are able to join and continue to learn from eachother.

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