Three Mindfuck books are out!


  1. Really “must read” book MINDFUCK from Christopher Wylie, one of the witnesses of the crime of the century: the one that not only fucked us but destroyed DEMOCRACY in the process, on behalf of the power hungry companies, advertising media and ruling classes in society.

And these marketing techniques where discovered years ago in governments-led elections all around the world by scientists like prof. Dirk Helbing and prof. Jeroen van den Hoven. And they published these findings widely without any belief or action from our public servants or politicians. However the brave UK journalist Carole Cadwalladr discovered what had happened, unfortunately still without criminal prosecution of the perpetrators.

And yes the criminals have announced they will employ these techniques again before and during the UK ELECTIONS. And they did, to change socialists into Tory voters.

And, expect them to use these profiling and targeting techniques in the upcoming USA elections.

2. Another recent book, TARGETED by Brittany Kaiser, tells other inside stories about how Cambridge Analytica and Facebook operated to profile and target voters minds before elections.


If you wonder why people like dr. Nix and others are not in jail right now, while most of these anti-democratic acts have been spotted and published-about years ago [1, 2016], there are three causes that prevented that by electoral commissions and police:

a. very senior civil servants that have to protect democratic processes where in denial for years, since they lacked knowledge about internet and social networks or simple lack of imagination how they where played by people with tracks in the advertising world.

b. political parties and secret services wanted the successor(s) to Cambridge Analytica and similar “PR Companies using Big Data” to stay active for their electoral and staying-in-power activities, even right now. They are not especially interested in Democracy.

c. There are certain hostile regimes like Russia et. al. that use these techniques to create diversion, sometimes by even supporting under disguise both sides of quarrels inside or between countries. And thus weakening cooperation. And they protect their naive aides against legal actions.

As far as I know only the Swedish govt and the French govt have installed high level Democracy protection commissions as a result of these mindfucking revelations. Clever example is the Macron election team that issued a flood of online gossip messages (fake and true) about candidate Macron the day before the elections. With a result that the public disregarding them all as fake, and the Russian tweet factory in St.Petersburg having no time to sort which gossip was true and which false, so they could not react fast enough to interfere in the elections.

3. Very informative recent book: THIS IS NOT PROPAGANDA, by Peter Pomeransev !! This is the third book about what has been found out about [Education, Religious ethical schooling, political indoctrination,influencing people” for political aims (elections) / propaganda / mindfucking/ psyops] on a large scale with the help of processing big data about individuals, learned from lessons learned in advertising and marketing. It are for-profit attacks on DEMOCRACY, as part of the Information Wars, successors to the Cold War. And rather baffling that it has not been officialy suppressed years after it was brought to public attention [1]. I guess that governments and their ‘services’ in their quest for Control, or those who aspire to get government power, make use of these criminal tools themselves or let certain companies do that for them.

not propaganda

Subtitle is: Adventures in the War Against Reality, and is making use of inside info from Russians, who do have difficulty not to tell lies. Interesting is his search around the world for re-defined democracy.  Comment on Amazon:

[“Read the author’s “Nothing is True and Everything is Possible” which was my first introduction to his work. “This is Not Propaganda: Adventures in the War Against Reality” takes the war on information introduced in the former to a much higher level in the latter. This is an important book in a “post-fact” world where Oscar Wilde’s observation that all the world is a stage and the actors are poorly cast has become increasingly evident, a world where social media enables the distribution and consumption of misinformation that allows one and all to embrace personal and group beliefs based upon their own individual and collective truths, regardless of facts. Everyone gets to dance on foundations made of quicksand. And Russia has raised this to an art form embraced in Washington, DC, state and local capitals, in the UK, Brazil, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and on and on. Laws stop at borders but the free flow of information and money does not. Thank you, Russia for an export that doesn’t affect the trade deficit but which is far more destructive.”]

jaap van till, TheConnectivist


((Updated July, 2020))

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1 Response to Three Mindfuck books are out!

  1. theburningheart says:

    Well, it all come for the rest of us to be aware if their machinations.
    In my conversations with people I tell them:
    “You collectively have a great power, and that its not to buy what they are trying to sell you, this may be ideas, or the trinkets they produce to empty your pockets.”

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