the Mindfuck book is out!


Really “must read” book from Christopher Wylie, one of the witnesses of the crime of the century: the one that not only fucked us but destroyed DEMOCRACY in the process, on behalf of the power hungry companies, advertising media and ruling classes in society.

And these marketing techniques where discovered years ago in governments-led elections all around the world by scientists like prof. Dirk Helbing and prof. Jeroen van den Hoven. And they published these findings widely without any belief or action from our public servants or politicians. However the brave UK journalist Carole Cadwalladr discovered what had happened, unfortunately still without criminal prosecution of the perpetrators.

And yes the criminals have announced they will employ these techniques again before and during the upcoming UK ELECTIONS.

And, expect them to use these profiling and targeting techniques in the upcoming USA elections.

jaap van till, TheConnectivist

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1 Response to the Mindfuck book is out!

  1. theburningheart says:

    Well, it all come for the rest of us to be aware if their machinations.
    In my conversations with people I tell them:
    “You collectively have a great power, and that its not to buy what they are trying to sell you, this may be ideas, or the trinkets they produce to empty your pockets.”

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