Chile and Lebanon vs. the Parasites of Colonialism


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And then it started. Sudden huge demonstrations in: Hong Kong, Chile, Lebanon, London, The Hague, Berlin, etc. etc.   “Coordinated Communities” in Cities/ City regions.

is about ORDINARY Chilean people fighting off lack of opportunities, and socio-economic inequality.

What do they have in common? What have they learned, and what are learning they fast, from each other?


2. I hope to soon write here a short essay, and disclose only what is already well known in the press. But nevertheless you will be able to see the patterns, right?!

3. One of the patterns I noticed is that each of those rebellions is building an effective “Collective Intelligence” group structure.


Collective Intelligence is a helpful way to frame the space where [groups of] humans (or living systems) and machines will [interconnect and] co-evolve together”  ~ @CassieRobinson

In other words: the next step in evolution of this #1Planet

Hong Kong is not the last to be bought under central control, but the first to evolve into a community with a new collective conscience.

4. In my humble opinion (IMHO) all of these revolutions (about 20 of them, all at the same time, can you send me the map which recently shown on TV in NL??) have something much deeper and more historic in common than just protests against super inequality (super rich ruling class vs poverty), failing NeoLiberal economics and lack of work. They all want to get rid of the visible or hidden entrenched COLONIALISM:  very rigid,  outdated and unable to cope with fast change and complexity.

Colonialism can be defined as a society structure in which a small elite/ ruling class of rich families extract value from the lands: nature and subsoil resources with the help of masses of cheap labor workers. Such workers can merely survive on the wages and are often trapped by growing debts, which makes them de-facto into slaves.

To give you a picture of what Colonialism meant:


On a jug to dispense warm chocolate drink.

So the present wave of revolutions are not only violent or non-violent outbursts of anger against the parasites: oppressors, dictators  and their military and police forces; they also show that the oligarchs hidden behind them will be attacked in a process of DE-COLONISATION. The dividing clashes of extremists, terrorists, religious fanatics, nationalism and fossil fuel fights are all diversion/ blaming/ media attention grabbing smoke screens to hide the real fight: Civil Society democracy vs colonists.

For example The UK, the country who had the biggest set of colonies (after they tested that extraction system on Ireland) is now in a process of de-colonisation themselves. The English Tories still try to hang on to that outdated and destructive system and mindset  by proposing to keep the world outside the UK isolated by Brexit. But Ireland is out and Scotland and Wales will follow. De-colonisation is unstoppable.

The brave and clever people of Hong Kong resist to be colonized by the Republic of China. And they organise themselves to “react fast and flexible like water”. Act in small groups and coordinate with handsigns and use of smartphones. Participants have common goals, share info and act without need for central leadership.

In order to win this inevitable fight all of these revolutionary communities need to establish quickly an alternative to the once successful colonialist-capitalism. IMHO that can be found in concentrating on groups of people who CREATE VALUE together by interconnecting, cooperating and combining skills across old boundaries and learning fast to innovate and improve P2P knowledge and solution to problems. In that way , mainly in cities they will form “holon collective intelligence with distributed authority”.

jaap van till, TheConnectivist

PS Very wonderful and heart moving act: singing of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” sung in Arabic in Lebanon.


This Beethoven’s Ode is also the Anthem for the European Union !! And some people say it has become the Connectivity Anthem 🙂





And….. London

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