Interview with Maximo Ibarra, CEO KPN

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The famous Tech Watcher Vincent Evers interviewed Maximo Ibarra, the recently started CEO of KPN, one of the Netherlands Telecom Operators, after one year in that position. See:

In my humble opinion the most revealing of his answers where:

  • A clear formulation of the new/enhanced POLICY / Mission for the company “Building the digital infrastructure of The Netherlands, digital highways of the country”…..”for a super huge community of integrated customers: business and consumers”
  • A confirmation of the position and plans with Internet network access Service Provider (ISP) XS4ALL, fully owned by KPN. “Improve the quality & experiences of customers”… “pleasant surprised by the positive reactions of XS4ALL users. Keep that passion in the company and expand it” .

====> I hope that is an echo of what I wrote some time ago about the possible dissolving of the xs4all brand:

PS I then even proposed a new brand name for the new combined Network Access Services of KPN & XS4ALL:    K4PN

PS. Here is Ibarra’s keynote speech at the recent European FTTH 2019 Conference in Amsterdam.

FttH = Fiber-to-the-Home is being rolled out all over the world and is a disruptive technology, in the sense that the copperhead Telco’s and Cableco’s have tried to slow it down (and even sabotage it) as much as possible to not reach homes and offices all the way. Now the wind is changing because even they will need copper to connect massive amounts of 5G basestations.

jaap van Till, TheConnectivist              “Schaduwminister voor Digitale Infrastructuur”

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