About Success: The Formula

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Message from Albert-László Barabási, famous for his research and books on complex network dynamics.

I recommend YOU read this!

Jaap van Tiil, The Connectivist

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am writing to share some good news: The Formula: The Universal Laws of Success, a book that I have been writing for the past three years, will be published on November 6. It chronicles my lab’s journey as we put success under our data microscope. This was not only fascinating science – our findings radically changed the way I advise my students, colleagues, and my children.

Common wisdom goes something like this: Work hard and success will follow. How many times have we seen that fail? Our research reveals why: Success is not a direct result of our performance, but instead it is determined by how that performance is perceived and valued by those around us. In other words, your success isn’t about you, it’s about us.

It is this collective nature of success that makes it a Big Data and network science problem, areas where my lab has particular expertise. This also means that now that the book is finished, its fate is out of my control. Its success depends on how the community perceives its message. I am hoping, therefore, that you would are willing to share this email with anyone who you think could benefit from our research. To get a better sense of what the book is about, feel free to read the Introduction.

If you are in Boston, join us for the November 6th book release event at the Brookline Library (361 Washington St.) at 6:30pm. We will also live stream it, details forthcoming atformula.barabasi.com.

I know this book will help many people, more than anything I have ever written, and I am so grateful for your support in getting to the people whose careers can benefit from the patterns that my lab has unveiled in the past eight years.

Yours sincerely,

Albert-László Barabási

Read the first chapter here
(feel free to share it from email to social media)

Book Release Event!
Join us if you’re in Boston or online at formula.barabasi.com

Brookline Library (361 Washington St.)
November 6th – 6:30pm.
Live stream: formula.barabasi.com.

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