Gilles Hutchings shows the Direction

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Gilles has been presenting his view on the way to go for a number of years. And it is now becoming clear every day during these turbulent times in what direction the global consciousness Transition is moving. Faster and faster. The picture, MUST SEE video and texts below are re-blogged from his Blogpage

I do agree with his vision of Connectedness and hope to contribute my own thoughts to tell HOW we can start to CONNECT and implement that vision towards #Synthecracy.

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This MUST SEE VIDEO is on Youtube

I quote Suzuki the early 20th Century Zen Buddhist, from the Manual of Zen Buddhism

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Interesting that he uses the example of the connected woods where trees send nutrients to other trees (even other types of trees!) in need to assist the survival of the whole wood.  See also my blog about the “Wood Wide Web” 

I am also very happy with the picture he showed for the connected beings which fits

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-14 om 13.34.54.png

very well with my vision of “The Weave” , consisting of interconnected Weavelets , as I have presented in Berlin and Cambridge,MA; see my recent blogs about those lectures. I hope to write out those lectures into a blog/paper soon.

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist


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