The Power of “Networks” of People

Square and Tower Book

This book is strongly recommended to you if you are puzzled by the upcoming “horizontal New Power people networks” (demonstrating on the Squares)  versus “the Old Power vertical command & control networks with hierarchical leadership layers” (commanding from the Tower).

It explains that the Square and the Tower will both be modernized and vastly improved by networking technology and social networks. Along the way is very well explains the most recent advances to both the kids in Silicon valley as well as the company directors and gov’t executives who see their power crumble. Both communities need this book to be updated. No it is not a ICT tutorial, it is a book about POWERTOOLS, put into historical context of grabs for control of empires and other coups’d etat.

Interesting is that besides new tools for Governments and Business ventures also the coordinated interconnection of People (the Third pole of the Trias Internetica) starts to appear in the pages of this book as a FORCE (democracy, remember). Will they stay on the square or will they storm the Bastille Tower? Or will they just start to ignore the old “leaders”?

My view is a bit more distant and long time. In Graph theory which is an important basis for the theories of Network Dynamics there are Nodes (also called Vertices) and Edges (also called Links) that connect the nodes. These are DUAL to each other like on both sides of a coin. It is even possible, for instance in electronic network analysis, to transform the nodes of a graph into links and the links into nodes. “Dual” are for instance: Dark/ Light, Male/ Female, Good/Bad, etc. Most things where created come in pairs and can not exist without their opposite.  It is therefore understandable that the exclusive focus on the nodes (centres and important historical people) is now shifting to ADD the effects of the structure and strength of the links in formal and informal NETWORKS. The networks do not replace the leaders but they complete te picture to include all connected players. It is urgent that more influential people learn about this.

READ THE  BOOK if you want to understand and survive this “network age” !

And… it connects very well with my article defining Van Till’s Law of collaboration and creating Synergy:

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