The WOOD Wide Web

Wood wide web

1. Hat tip to Marleen Stikker of De @Waag in Amsterdam for the brilliant interview she gave on #VPRO #Zomergasten TV last week. One of the mindset shifting issues she presented, which are very inspiring and wonderful, is the finding that tress communicate underground ! They do that by way of a vast web of tiny fungus wires that transport & interchange food (energy) and information. You will understand, I hope, that as a “Connectivist” this does fascinate me very much. And what is even more impressive, the trees help each other as if they are a human family or tribe. So can we learn from a wood = a community of trees instead of  seeing them as isolated individual trees.

This is shown in the following animation, produced by the BBC, and available on Youtube:      <—–MUST SEE 🙂

2. Here is the summary (in Dutch)  that Zomergasten/Waag gave about what was broadcasted about the “WOOD wide web” :


The Wood Wide Web is een initiatief van een jonge plantenwetenschapper genaamd Merlin Sheldrake. Sheldrake is een expert in mycorrhiza-schimmels en als zodanig maakt hij deel uit van een onderzoeksrevolutie die de manier waarop we over bossen denken grondig verandert.

Eeuwenlang werden schimmels algemeen beschouwd als schadelijk voor planten, parasieten die ziekte en disfunctie veroorzaken. Meer recentelijk zijn we te weten gekomen dat bepaalde soorten gewone schimmels bestaan in subtiele symbiose met planten, waardoor geen infectie maar verbinding tot stand wordt gebracht. Deze schimmels sturen ragfijne buisjes, hyfen genaamd, die de grond infiltreren en zich op cellulair niveau in de toppen van plantenwortels inweven.

Lees ook

One of the many articles about it is:


3. Another article I can recommend is the following:

4. Newspaper article in the Dutch language) mentioning altruism and empathy 

5. I wrote a blog about this in 2015 based on things I did see in 2014:

6.At least these two questions remain in my head:

a. Is it underground Trans-species communication. Or only Birch-birch and pine-pine?

b. Can we CONNECT to such network? Can we talk and listen to woods?

Do you have more information about this fascinating discovery??? Please enter your comment by sending a Reply to this blog.

We can learn a lot from Nature and from each other, as a super-organism.

jaap van till, TheConnectivist 

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4 Responses to The WOOD Wide Web

  1. Jaap, I was also thinking about this TED Talk I saw in 2009 about how bacteria share a common language as well:

    • broodjejaap says:

      Thank you. In fact bacteria form a kind of circular colony that can contain billions of participants, and yes together they are a living creature that can survive harsh conditions with synergy.

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  3. source says:

    Hi colleagues, its impressive article regarding cultureand completely
    defined, keep it up all the time.

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