My lecture at the ICCS 2018 Conference in Cambridge, MA; My Sheets

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Update July 30: I did present my idea’s at the conference last week Wednesday afternoon to very interested people who gave me very valuable feedback and links. I was informed that US Special Forces had developed similar ways to my Weavelet of organization for tightly interconnected teams and total transparency between members for collective intelligence.

The conference was a great success. 600 very well educated persons and from a wide diversity of fields and projects. And a wide diversity of contributors from many countries.


The 9th International Conference on Complex Systems was an important event where the real top network dynamics scientist will gather and show their latest far sighted display of mind power, which will influence and have impact on nearly everything in our countries, civil society and businesses.

The program is available on the following site, many came and met the top ladies, gentlemen and students:

I was able to present the lecture about DEEP ORGANIZATION that I did present twice in Berlin, see: and see:  

Synthecracy Weavelet

The abstract I submitted for this new short lecture is the following :

Abstract of lecture Jaap van Till ICCS





Yes, I expect my talk and idea’s to have a lot of impact on how people will interconnect, cooperate and create value. And sure, they will together be able to face and cope with Complexity, instead of having to destroy it and simplify it, like old power managers and silly dictators do.

Update 1: My Short pres Jaap van Till ICCS Late News (<===sheets you can download) was accepted by the Program Committee, and was presented Wednesday after lunch:


Update 2. My abstract as shown in the program:

Programma 3

jaap van till, TheConnectivist


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