Democracy is under attack and should be Redefined


Paul Mason, credit: Antonio Olmas

When representatives and elections (one of the cornerstones of Democracy -rule by the People-) can be bought and the electorate can be mass-manipulated person-by-person by big data marketing systems, the Civil Society is in trouble.

Our communities can and should counteract by enforcing a number of New Rules:

  1. Give every citizen the right to control his/her own “Digital Double”, collected by companies or public offices in order to ‘profile’ that citizen or sell that info to others who will.
  2. See for further ground rules, the excellent lecture given by Paul Mason:
  3. Further Ground Rules to be determined and enforced.

Sure, Crime Fighters and Secret Services will resent these Ground Rules. But how can they claim to work “to protect the community” if they “target and attack” their own citizens at the same time and virtually lock us all up?

jaap van till, TheConnectivist


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