Who are Behind the 1% Stealth Takeover of the USA and UK


The Russians? Sure, they love to help spreading diversion now and then, but no. It is a well oiled (sic!) lobby of seriously wealthy billionaires and media moguls, who are paranoid to loose any of their wealth. I pity these paranoid and greedy sick old men behind fences. Owning billions and still unhappy and terrified of losing a dime to the poor, working and young. They fear online democracy.

Read about them in the book which will be published on June 5 : “Democracy in Chains” by historian Nancy MacLean.


If you want to read one article this year that is important, this is it.

Be careful, those guys are ruthless. They will not hesitate a second to kill thousands or even millions in order to protect their wealth. If we let them…..

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2 Responses to Who are Behind the 1% Stealth Takeover of the USA and UK

  1. eliza rudolf says:

    Nice post Sir 🙂

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