#DeepMovements Ahead with New Power Synthecracy

Synthecracy Weavelet

(updated July 8 2018 : lecture at the Von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society – HIIG, in Berlin )

  1. Introduction

People all over the world have the feeling that things in society and the economy can not continue like they do now. Polution, hunger. illness, climate change, energy logistics and job loss are hurting people and their families personally and also whole communities are destroyed in the long time. Which should concern all of us.

Professor Dirk Helbing of the ETH in Zurich and TUDelft presented a number of these crises very clearly in his TED-Groningen talk in 2015, accessible on YouTube. He also showed several remedies and general direction of efforts which can help to repair the situation and can result in a transition to a new society. He called what is appearing “the Planetary Nervous System” (PNS).

2. My discovery: a NEW organizational paradigm. DEEP ORGANIZATION

I have discovered a pattern which can work which can be presented to start where Helbing in his TED talk stopped. I hope to achieve how the HOW question can be answered.  Here you can download the PDF of my Flashtalk in Berlin where I presented it briefly:Salon am FinkelplJvTapril20 2018 I      For Video of the pres. see below under 3.

And the second time in Berlin on June 30. 2018 at the “AI and us” workshop at the Alexander von Humboldt Institut fur Internet und Gesellschaft (HIIG): Flashtalk vanTill Berlin AIworkshop

The shortest introduction to my idea is that it applies the remarkable recent success of the “deep Neural Networks” in AI (derived from parallel pattern recognition in the brain) to an organizational structure to interconnect PEOPLE more successfully, than the ‘old power’ hierarchies. It is a well known way to innovate: use a recipe in one knowledge field in quite another field of practice or scientific discipline. That is what I did: throw a powertool over a fence into a field where it can be welcomed since there is a big need for it. 

3. Here is how you can see what I did present

I suggest you download the PDF from the above link, open it AND open the video of my Salon flashtalk in Berlin on another screen. {25 minutes} from Youtube https://youtu.be/aHcSbwUoN34

4. What next

The intention to write out the above presentation into a more lengty and more detailed paper or booklet, possible together with graduate students. It is my sincere hope that this discovery will lead to a number of scientific breakthroughs which will be applied in a constructive way.

May the Flow be with You !!!

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

PS.1 Today April 24, I was notified that somebody did come to the same conclusion, as expressed brilliantly at the chaos congress’ (#CCC) last keynote, in November last year. Charles Stross is talking about ‘slow AIs’ we used to call »corporations«. There are many
connections that could be drawn towards my ‘Weavelet’ presentation:

»I’m talking about the very old, very slow AIs we call corporations, of
course. What lessons from the history of the company can we draw that
tell us about the likely behaviour of the type of artificial
intelligence we are all interested in today?«

»It seems to me that our current political upheavals are best understood
as arising from the capture of post-1917 democratic institutions by
large-scale AIs. Everywhere I look I see voters protesting angrily
against an entrenched establishment that seems determined to ignore the
wants and needs of their human voters in favour of the machines.«


And now comes the twist: protesters are organizing themselves as a ‘fast
AI’ in order to deal with the ‘slow AI’.

I love it to be confirmed in my views by a brilliant man !

connected ladies

PS.2 One of the key functions of a Weavelet organization is Orthogonalization = to sort a very complex set of observations into a number of orthogonal issues, issue sets which are agnostic to each other. This is in contract to simplifications that hierarchies do.

Definition (from Wikipedia) of Orthogonalization =  “In linear algebraorthogonalization is the process of finding a set of orthogonal vectors that span a particular subspace. Formally, starting with a linearly independent set of vectors {v1, … ,vk} in an inner product space (most commonly the Euclidean space Rn), orthogonalization results in a set of orthogonal vectors {u1, … ,uk} that generate the same subspace as the vectors v1, … ,vk. Every vector in the new set is orthogonal to every other vector in the new set; and the new set and the old set have the same linear span

PS.3 A friend told me that my idea of a tightly interconnected group sharing knowledge I called a Weavelet is by no means new. In 1975 the famous graphic novel artist Marten Toonder published the story called “DE WEETMUTS”, about wire interconnected mushrooms that result in all “knowing everything the others know” : (part of first page)


PS.4 . For an more visual impression of the proposed “Weavelet” organization structure take a look at the following snapshot [ Ahmed & Rao “Orthogonal Transforms for Digital Signal Processing” Springer Verlag Berlin, Heidelberg, New York 1975, p 83 ]


This is a structure which IMHO even sociologists, politicians and legal professionals can understand 🙂

PS.5 Today May 4 2018 I read the article from [ Mary Jo Kaplan “Complexity Demands New Approaches to Work” – Stanford  Social Innovation Review , May 3 2018] . see https://ssir.org/articles/entry/complexity_demands_new_approaches_to_work#  This paper confirms my bold “weavelet” and Sythecracy conjectures !!

PS.6 The full text of “Renan’s Law” (All things want to be connected) is as follows:

“All Things want to be Connected. All things, from particles to planets. And are – in      one   way or another – equipped to do so. As to connect and become entangled with another ‘thing’ or things, as to create opportunity for itself” . ~ Sheldon Renan.

The positive circular reenforcement, and incentive  is that the connected shared common interest is in fact also in your self interest.


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  1. broodjejaap says:

    I now call Weavelets “ Deep Organization “

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