You are constantly Supervised and your Mind Manipulated


Surveillance Capitalism in Action

– We are constantly watched through internet (about 1 GigaByte per day) and the data resold and used to manipulate us for marketing (and for political manipilation: Cambridge Analytica and Palatir).   And… nobody notices.

Sales of our cookie data:  Criteo retargeting, Burda media

       You can track that with the Firefox Plugin ” Ghostery “.

There is interesting detailed info available about: Ubermetrics, Strör und Axon Active

 Besides Ubermetrics the following companies offer similar services:

–        Brandwatch

–        Digimind

–        Vico Analytics


My conclusion: Mass Surveillance (for commercial use or by government departments for law enforcement etc.) is the first step in a process which leads to mass personal Mental Manipulation (for boosting sales by consumers or influencing their choices at elections). This not only is an attack on our privacy (a Human Right, remember) but also on our Freedom and on Democracy, whatever that was. The Civil Society will fight back…… We are not powerless.

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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