Important new book : New Power


UPDATE: on April 4 the book will rolled out to the public in New York by the authors.

And I guess a day later in London. See this Video about it :

At last there is “New Power”, a book that describes how to bottom-up WEAVE Online Communities into swarms of Positive Participating People.

Cases are analysed in which people interconnect, participate, cooperate and contribute meaning that can be synthesised, so it creates value by synergy to all participants.

This can scale up into a type of society I call  “The #Synthecracy”.

Its Message is in the Connections with Others.

jaap van till,


PS1. Book will be published early April 2018, you can pre-order it at or

PS2. When asked for examples of successful participatory New Power projects,  it is important to also mention two of them that are so massively penetrated (and still spreading like a living creature)  on the planet that we take them for granted:

  • The Internet. And more specific, the HUGE worldwide digital infrastructure, built by scientists and engineers since 1983.  This network fabric ‘behind the screens’ is relatively unknown by politicians and public and invisible. Most people have no clue what, how and why it is. Its formal definition can be found on these blogpages. That definition states that the Internet is an agreement to interconnect & transport data, voluntary made by owners of networks (with an ASN), which is in line with New Power definition of the new book. It is often confused with the WWW.
  • The World Wide Web aka WWW (1989). You probably do know what that is. The total collection of documents voluntary posted on Internet by their authors/publishers, which can be accessed by way of the Internet at their specified “online address” (URL).

PS3. We are witnessing the Revolt of The Connected Competent and their supporters, disobeying outdated hierarchies of established ruling classes. Who are these “competent”?: imagine the millions of Dilberts and Dilberettes declaring that their enslavement has been ENOUGH and start to cooperate online, based on TRUST and shown competence. These competent people do together the right thing at the right moment in the right place. Why? Because they can, and are extremely good at certain (very diverse) tasks, and they are curious & wanting to learn from doing and from their connected peers.

# version April 2, 2018

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