Lecture: Why our future world will be organised in a more decentralized way.

Helbing Bienne

This is what the hot-shots in Davos should have seen !! This lecture by prof. Dirk Helbing  was presented yesterday Thursday January 25 in Bienne near Bern, Switzerland.

Information about the workshop:  https://www.isoc.ch/de/events/vit

That means it was organised by The Internet Society, Switzerland Chapter. Title:

“Setting the scene for a digital future: What’s important and how can it be achieved?”

The workshop was linked with the PEP foundation: https://pep.foundation/

Title of Helbing’s keynote lecture: ” Why our future world will (have to) be organized in a more decentralized way”
1. Link to the Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxfwNTwzyCw
2. The pdf of the sheets can be downloaded HERE ==> Decentralized_s
This lecture agrees very much with many of the blogpages I posted here the last couple of years and I agree with the direction this will lead us, if we want to survive :  [holographic connected collective intelligence with distributed authority]. Others, like the P2P Foundation have showed the way towards this too in forms of organisation called local (city) COMMONS aka Cooperatives. Other smart self-organising structures are (big)city-areas and resilient & future-proof open infrastructures for transport, energy-exchange and communication switching and transmission.
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