The Next Civilisation, Brazil Lecture of Dirk Helbing

Prof. Dirk Helbing of ETH and TUDelft recently gave a landmark lecture in Brazil which gives a broad view of what is going on right now and what we can DO TOGETHER to construct a Next Civilisation. See:

From 19: 33 on he explains a number of times what is going wrong, followed by how we can counter that to work in a better direction. For instance how we can get our individual freedom back & at the same time contribute to the general and long time interests of the communities.
Dirk 3
All these actions need distributed and P2P cooperation supported by inspired technology whizzards and scientists who can look over fences and outside their windows.
Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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2 Responses to The Next Civilisation, Brazil Lecture of Dirk Helbing

  1. G. Gomersbach says:

    Interessant weer! :+) Ik hoop het helemaal te beluisteren.. Jammer dat jouw berichten niet gemakkelijk te delen zijn, vanaf jouw blog. Zelfs een actie is lastig..

    Heb je het boek van Greg Braden nog gelezen? I.v.m. het ‘turning point’ principe.. Ik vraag mij af hoe we dat kunnen uitvergroten of toepassen op specifieke terreinen.. zoals IT?

    :+) even een opwelling

    hartegroet, Giovanna


    • broodjejaap says:

      Dear Giovanna, If I ma not mistaken there is a Share button somewhere on each blogpage. I can not see that as author though. If not, you can Re-tweet the tweet in which I announce the particular blogpage. (I always tweet after posting each page).
      Question: which of Greggs books, he has several. I have a growing “books to read” mountain tough.

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