The Global INTERconnection Index

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  1. This interesting report, about the growth in the worldwide digital economy, is in Dutch. I quess you can ask Equinix for this report in other languages.

You can download the PDf of this report here ===> INTERconnection index

2. To show the “knotenpunkt function” of The Netherlands in the digital economy, the following tweet is relevant:


Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 10.40.23


3. Maybe it is better to think beyond Amsterdam and beyond The Netherlands. In practice our river delta is ONE CITY, equal in size to the other megapoli of the world like Paris, London , Shanghai and Mumbai. This delta i have called #EuroDelta and spans over parts of Belgium and Germany too that share the same cultural history of delta people. This map shows what its structure might look like, including a Digital Infrastructure: (c)


jaap van till, TheConnectivist  (or should i say INTERconnectivist ?)

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