Innovative Nazava Waterfilters can Improve Lives of Millions

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Safedrinking water, for everyone, everywhere

PT Holland For Water provides the best affordable and safest household water filters in Indonesia under the brand name Nazava Water Filters. We enable lower income households to filter their well or tap water without the need to boil or using electricity, hence reducing human diseases, household costs and green house gas emissions.

Nazava Water Filters is a social enterprise based in Bandung, and Banda Aceh Indonesia. Since its start at the end of 2009 Nazava Water Filters has provided more than 160,000 people with access to safe drinking water through 60 resellers in over 53 cities in Indonesia.



Everyone everywhere should have access to safe and affordable drinking water.

It is our mission to be Indonesian’s premier water filter company of safe and affordable water filters. We focus on marketing the best available water filters for the lowest possible price, especially targeting the bottom of the pyramid.


Simple and appropriate technology

The core product of Nazava is the Tulip water filter. Using this filter, households can filter their own tap, well river or rain water. The Tulip filter is used in 11 different water filter housings. The replacement filter only costs $8,- US (Retail). The costs of the water filter housings vary from $10 US to 45 USD (including the filter). All products come with an Indonesian user manual with clear and simple pictures, an indicator to replace the water filter and a one year warrantee card.

Safe drinking water

The filtered water is safe to drink and fulfils the WHO standards. The Tulip Filter has been successfully used during the cholera outbreaks in Haiti and Zimbabwe. Test reports of more than 29 laboratories can be checked on our website, please click here 

 Cost,- and life saving

The costs of obtaining safe drinking water are high. Boiling water in rural areas and refilling gallons in urban areas remain the most popular options to get safe drinking water. The Nazava Water Filters are ten times cheaper than buying water and five times cheaper than boiling water. Besides, per year 6 out of every  1000 children in Indonesia below five die of water born diseases such as diareah. Boiling water on wood causes enormous amounts of carbon emissions. Nazava water filters help in fighting diarrhoea and, when used as an alternative to boiling water they are an effective tool against global warming. We have an agreement with Impact Carbon to obtain carbon credits for our water filter sales.

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