Are the UK Brexit and USA POTUS Elections Invalid ? U-1


According to The Guardian of March 4 2017, the Privacy Watchdog (see  ) of the UK has launched an inquiry about the massive profiling of voters and possible influencing the choices of these “targets” using big data tools. This would cripple what we supposed to be democracies. See:

Are these countries a DeNOcracy now? Many other dictatorships would love to apply these tools. And Cambridge Analytica themselves still advertise their tools on Twitter (  )

Are the upcoming elections in The Netherlands, France and Germany next to be Nixed?

The companies that are active in these psy-ops functions grew out of market targeting (and influencing) activities for commercial use. and combined that with info from Facebook and powertools from Deep State government agencies in several countries.

This article of Ger and NL scientists from 2105 did see all this coming:

  • Helbing, D., Frey, B. S., Gigerenzer, G., Hafen, E., Hagner, M., Hofstetter,     Y., van den Hoven, J., Zicari, R. V. & Zwitter, A. Digitale Demokratie statt Datendiktatur: Big Data, Nudging, Verhaltenssteuerung; Spektrum der Wissenschaft.15, 1, 2015

also published in Scientific American as: “Will Democracy Survive Big Data and Artificial Intelligence?“, Feb. 2017

The way ahead is a race towards harnessing “Collective Intelligence” in Weavelets of smart interconnected people.


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