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[The Evil Empire] How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State, U-1

The report I re-blog here will make a lot of people angry. The millions of people who have supported Trump and his team, for the news that Trumpism (Revolt-1 incl Le Pen, Wilders, etc) is protecting The Establishment that screwed … Continue reading

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Core principles of the Pirate Parties

  The Pirate Parties are often accused of being a One-Issue movement: pro digital sharing of abundant online information in defense against the attacks of publishers interest. Well they are not. They are the real new PROGRESSIVES and digital natives. … Continue reading

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Platform Layers of The Tillevision Model

This is the network architecture model i have used with success for decades. The model is useful to chart the different ICT infrastructures (of Computers, Storage and Telecom) and the organization and business processes of a company or community. And … Continue reading

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This Makes Sense: Assessment of the Trumpeteer Insurgency (uprising 1) U-1

Below I added a good article about what drives Steve Bannon. Wants to go back to the pre-1960 (post war chaotic hippies grabbing power). He promises ORDER and discipline. So does Putin. ============================Start of Reblog================ Jordan Greenhall Jan 25 2017 … Continue reading

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