Democracy ? It is Gone. U-1 (update)


This is a second blog about who and what is really behind Trump, Fagage, Bannon etc. First was  You are not only watched (by Barbie Doll, Samsung TV, GCHQ, NSA, RU, CHIN Govt) but your mind’s perception and choices are manipulated by psy-ops systems of Cambridge Analytica and/or their wealthy SCL Group.

The question now is: HAVE THE UK AND USA ELECTIONS BEEN MANIPULATED by these UK and US Sysop systems, and are thus INVALID ?

WARNING: THIS NEW ARTICLE in the Guardian IS SCARY STUFF and may depress you.

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I can repost the entire article here if you insist. Please tell me. No, better via  Facebook. DM on Twitter may do.


What can we start to do to resist this attack on our minds?   Dis-obey !!


Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist       @jvantill

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