This Still Moves Me When I see It. U-2

Mac 1984

(( Click on the screen to see this film  ))

In 1984 (!)  I did see, at the press conference in Holland, the gospel that Steve Jobs expressed at the introduction of the Apple Macintosh personal computer: his hope and belief was to prevent IBM to become the dominant big brother of all computer sales that would squash innovation. He showed at the SuperBowl game this provocative film to express that hope, showing a girl (freedom and creativity) hurling a big hammer at Big Brother.

I remember that this “1984 video” really moved me in 1984. At that moment I made Jobs’s belief system MY belief system. That people devoted to creativity, constructive change and innovation must fight  the controlaholics of this world.   For more about “belief systems” giving people a WHY for their actions, see the brilliant TEDTalk of Simon Sinek.

You can project who-ever you like on the Silly Powerhungry Old Fart on the screen dictating to his obedient subjects: Steve Bannon?  Nigel Farage? Marine Le Pen?  Vladimir Putin? Geert Wilders ? ….

And the girl is : Ancilla van de Leest of the @Piratenpartij in The Netherlands ?

jaap van till, TheConnectivist


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